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Naked China to US: Beijing must destroy all attempts to divide Taiwan | News from around the world

Naked China to US: Beijing must destroy all attempts to divide Taiwan |  News from around the world

During the Shangri-La Dialogue Conference held in Singapore from Friday to Sunday, the Minister of Defense met. China Wei Fengke with his US envoy Lloyd Austin. Politicians discussed for more than an hour the independence of autonomous Taiwan, which China considers an integral part of its country.

Wei Fengke warned the United States that any attempt to gain independence from China to Taiwan would provoke military action from Beijing. BBC.

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In his opinion, separating Taiwan from China would not leave it to the Chinese Army There is no other option but to “fight at all costs”

“If anyone dares to separate Taiwan and China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will have no choice but to fight at all costs, crushing all efforts for” Taiwan’s independence “to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said.

Wei Fengke condemns US arms sale to Taiwan

Austin: China’s military action “provocative and unstable”

Lloyd Austin declared that the United States recognized Beijing as the sole government of China and promised to maintain a position of opposition to Taiwan’s independence. At the same time, he emphasized that no attempt could be made to resolve the pressure by force.

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Austin also called the Chinese military operation “provocative and unstable.” This is the first meeting between the defense leaders of the United States and China.

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Both sides said the talks went smoothly and in a smooth atmosphere. Austin said the United States must remain fully open to relations with the Chinese military to avoid any confusion.

Biden promises to help protect Taiwan

Three weeks ago Joe Biden He visited JapanThere he referred to the independence of Taiwan. The U.S. president said any attempt by China to use force against Taiwan would be “like what happened in Ukraine.”

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“The United States is committed to a China policy, but that does not mean that China has the right to use force to seize Taiwan,” he said. “He expects this to not happen.” Biden also said that if China invades Taiwan, the United States will intervene militarily to protect it. – This is the commitment we made – he stressed.

China has expressed “dissatisfaction and firm opposition” to Biden’s statements, insisting that no outside force be allowed to interfere in its “internal affairs.”

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