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Natalia Siwick celebrates her daughter’s fourth birthday. There is gourmet dinner, swimming pool, Monte Carlo and Blanca Lipinska

Natalia Siwick celebrates her daughter's fourth birthday.  There is gourmet dinner, swimming pool, Monte Carlo and Blanca Lipinska

Mia Raduszewska He turns four years old on August 21. girl Natalia Siwick Celebrating his birthday with his parents and their friends among themin a. Isabella Bodrin I Blanca Lipinska. The latter posted a report on Instagram from this special day. It must be admitted that the party was royally set up. The whole group of friends went to Monte Carlo, not just anywhere.

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Natalia Siwick celebrates her daughter’s fourth birthday. Playing with Blanca Lipinska in Monte Carlo

On the occasion of Mia’s fourth birthday, Natalia Siwick posted joint photos and a few words of her daughter on Instagram.

Don’t stop shining my beam of light. Happy birthday – I wrote.

Our InstaStories worm Record an evening with friends. They had a wonderful dinner served by their boss Kitchen On the balcony of the residence in Monte Carlo with a wonderful view of the sea. but that is not all. Blanka Lipinska was a bit more open. On her Instagram account, she posted photos and videos of a luxurious house, where everyone is resting. She also added frames with Mia, in which the girl wears a Christmas costume. The writer has even been a babysitter for some time children. In addition to Mia, she also took care of Sasha, the son of Isabella Budrin. The video shows that the kids get along very well, and the four-year-old calls the boy “boyfriend.”

Blanka Lipinska in the recording said that today I play an unusual role for me, that is – I have two children.

Mia Raduszewska is four years oldMia Raduszewska is four years old Photo:

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In the video, Mia boasted that she had celebrated her birthday, and Sasha began to sing to her “Happy Birthday”. Isabella Budrin also added an account for that day. It turned out that on the same day he was preparing a surprise party for his mother. Everyone in the residence will celebrate a double birthday. The rush is scheduled for Saturday evening. One thing is for sure – it will be luxurious. More pictures in our gallery.

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