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Natalia Siwick finally showed off a photo with Marius Radoszewski! Have you finished the crisis?

Natalia Siwick finally showed off a photo with Marius Radoszewski!  Have you finished the crisis?

Long-term relationships in show business are rare. Moreover, media couples who share the details of their private lives online almost every day are under constant pressure – hence the road close to crisis and even separation. happiness to show It can be kept for years even before the public, which is confirmed by coincidence Katarzyna Sichubek and Marcin HaeckelWho were surprised by the sudden decision to separate after 17 years of their relationship.

Celebrity fans seriously count couples in a joint Instagram activity. It is enough that the celebrity does not appear on the Internet for a few days or weeks, and this is causing concern among their watchers. There are questions about Where is the other half? And theories about the relationship crisis are spreading.

They have experienced this situation recently Natalia Siwick And the Marius Radoszewski. The couple have been together since 2012, that is, since the time when the celebrity gained fame thanks to being Miss Euro 2012. And although Natalka loves to share her privacy, she recently showed her lover on her profile over a month ago, on Father’s Day.

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In order to finally deal with the comments about the relationship crisis, Siwiec finally posted a picture with her lover on Instagram. In addition, it is kissable, so that there are no more doubts.

These Ordinary / Extraordinary Parents Who We Are – I wrote.

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The last picture shows that there is still poverty

Is this true or a rumor with this Dubai?

Eternal leave where do they work? Does anyone know anything?

In this hat and glasses he looks like a homeless man begging for favors

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Oh, the heart stone that sticks right in… what information is this. Mom, they are together, no, no, no. They earn a lot of money to get other people excited about their lives 🤦

And who is this Siwiec? What is this person’s output?

What this man did to himself. It used to be awesome.

Because of this Botox, he is aging quickly and unsightly. Like burnt stones. looks old.

But you are crazy about what, when, where and with whom. their work and their health.

Like a beater…say…kazek

And who is he and what they do, because I do not know these stars.

Only the mentally poor are interested in the lives of strangers from TV. And someone else’s stupidity makes the best money, hence his rich life.

I love them, and Natalia is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful Polish women 🙂

I thought it was Chaskowski!

20 years ago, when Natalia Swiek was fresh and natural, she worked for the Perfect Model agency in Poznan. The director is Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska. Business from them were yacht trips in Monte Carlo, Cannes, Morocco, target sessions in Germany, and accompanying businessmen on business trips. Lukomska charged a 50% commission on earnings. The work was in progress, there was no shortage of willing exhibitors, and Siwiec was the best in this agency from Poznan. When she became engaged to Caracal, he began to dominate his wife’s career. I wonder if he’s blackmailing her, and if she dies, will her mysterious past be made public?

She just wanted to show off her Warami

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