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Natalia Siwick presents the figure in a bikini and deals with the hate. She did not stick

Natalia Siwick presents the figure in a bikini and deals with the hate.  She did not stick

Natalia Siwick Some time ago she left her job as a salon lion in favor of being a complete influencer. Her Instagram profile is bursting at the seams with daily reports, bikini photos, and sponsored posts, which is exactly what her famous friends flaunt. As it usually happens, it arouses admiration in some, and completely negative emotions in others.

Natalia Siwick in a sassy bikini

The next day did not bring life Natalia Siwick Radical changes and reintroduced itself to bikini watchers. This time, she chose a leopard-print model with a beefy material at the bust that gave the impression that the outfit was minimal. While the celebs themselves seemed delighted and bravely bowed to the beat of the music to present the new beach well, fans were a little skeptical.

“I don’t like this outfit,” “The body is beautiful and so is the outfit. I just wonder why?” , “I don’t see anything unusual,” “There is a limit to good taste somewhere. Has anyone seen it?” – We read.

For the sake of balance, there were also a lot of positive comments, including those related to the character of Natalia. Although a few days ago she was accused of “promoting pathological thinness”, today there are comments to the effect that she has perfect proportions and “you can see the enormity of the work involved.”

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Natalia Siwick responds to the hateful attention of a netizen

Aside from cy*s, do you have something to offer your person? Drama how empty these women are The anonymous “fan” cursed.

Garichko, you will never find out, because there is little chance that we will get to know each other better, so that you can judge him I wrote sarcastically Natalie.

Later, in response to another comment, the celebrity stated that there is a big difference between freedom of speech and hate, which she does not intend to turn a blind eye to.

This needs to be repeated until people finally understand the difference between expressing opinion and hate – I confirmed.

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If what they say about this lady’s career is true, then Jaregic has a chance and it’s quite a lot. Rates fell sharply

Already her face is melting.

But what to expect from a woman who trades her own body, she does not list how to build the structure of the atom

Were you expecting conversations about biotechnology and literature? After all, this lady has based her whole life on showing off her butt and the rest of the silicone.

Siwcowa is already commercially retired, remember when I suddenly jumped into Ełro 2012?

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As for commenting on the dress, it is not hate, but rather an opinion… He also added that to his opinion.

It’s empty like a tar barrel.

Well, she earns a lot from the shows of these clothes and she is beautiful I write in quotes because everyone understands beauty differently, I don’t like it, that’s why I don’t watch it and I advise these critics

Folks, it doesn’t look like that in real life. It has been processed, passed through filters. Garichko, you have nothing to regret… It’s one and the other, sometimes you have to have a miscarriage and she doesn’t have much to say, that’s why she’s focused on the show.

What is the dispute? Nath builds content on this from the start, tell her and us

There is no woman in Poland more beautiful than Duda. Maybe a little bit of fabric, but it fits her. She really is the queen of the stage.

It’s like an old man throws an orgy

How many chances are there for your neighbor? !! This list is already known!!!

A face like M Jackson. But similar…

She does what she enjoys. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Her husband ignores her, so what about her? I think hate is jealousy. He watches who he wants, he comments on who he hurts that he is better. If I were her, I would do everything to be happy because there is so much evil in the world.

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