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Natasza Urbańska praises her talented daughter: “You can’t say that something was given to her on a tray”

Natasza Urbańska praises her talented daughter: "You can't say that something was given to her on a tray"

Natasha Urbaiska Media has always been interested in mass media mainly due to private life. Celebrities have been associated with Janusz Józefowicz, 18 years olderShe met them while performing on stage. In 2008, the couple received a joint consolation – a daughter Kalina.

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Recently Orbiesca She did an interview in which she talked a little bit about comfort. It turns out that the 13-year-old shares the interests of her famous parents and is a fan of her mother’s music:

(…) I must admit I was glad to hear Kalinka hum “Let me lie” – Proud Natasha says in “Live” and adds:

My daughter is definitely my man. We like to talk about music. I like to travel together in a car, then it’s time to talk, cheat and sing at full speed – Reveals, tells us how they spend time together.

Although Kalina is eager to follow in her parents’ footsteps, they try to approach her ambitions with common sense.

(…]When I see her on the Buffo stage, I’m proud of her. Now she has to evolve if she wants to move in that direction. Janusz’s wife says and confirms: You might still see something for her. My husband and I always told her that for now she has to put science first. If she gets good grades, she can continue to develop her passion.

In fact, I tried very hard. He trains and learns a lot. I like her. It certainly cannot be said of my daughter that she was given something on a tray – He’s pointing out.

Do you think that at any moment Kalina will start appearing on the walls and giving interviews?

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Another girl was promoted by her parents, pretending that she had to work for everything herself.

No, celebrity kids always do it on their own 🤡

I’m not a celebrity, but I do realize that my daughter gets a lot more down the stairs. She doesn’t have to worry about money, we take her to the extra-curricular activities of her choice, she can focus on learning because we try to make sure that the homework is adapted to her age and doesn’t interfere with learning, lose a structured savings account and don’t have to worry about money to start in adulthood. Some kids have nothing and have to earn extra money by walking their dogs or taking care of children and then working full time. They have no opportunity for extracurricular activities. Some have nothing to eat. And these celebrities will say that their kids work for everything themselves and aren’t special…

Everyone brags and nothing comes of it

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Europe is on fire 😂

Kuźwa in all families “stars” the star.. in Milera the granddaughter is sick but the star.

But why is it hanging from her nose?


6 minutes ago

The nose will narrow a little and it will be a beauty … and with these parents – doomed to fame :-/

We know, we know, that Natasha also didn’t say anything on the stairs, she first had to get Józefowicz out of her marriage and of her first child 😏

Kalina Jozefovich “The Artist” .. Aha ..

If my child came up with his nose ring, I would throw it outside the house, the same tattoo …

But what do these celebrities tell you about delivering the chops? Smiley face

It’s amazing how people totally misunderstand reality… It’s a bit like Anna L. who says she did it all by herself… Let them succeed, but why tell such fairy tales …

Quoted “Are you knocking on my door begging me for more”…

Little Stor didn’t get on the stairs hard, Leos Myshkovsky didn’t get it, he’s looking for himself, your self-born talent Antik K. Little Stasio Rosinick got nothing but support, maybe the door in the future my mother will open, olives also got nothing, A star is born, little Alan…etc.

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