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Natural Anita Werner shows off her long legs on vacation in the United States by catching the sun’s rays (photos)

Natural Anita Werner shows off her long legs on vacation in the United States by catching the sun's rays (photos)

Anita Werner Today he is one of the most beloved journalists. Lead “Facts” He has been professionally associated with TVN for many years, which has ensured his nationwide recognition. However, after work, he wants to show himself from a different, personal side, thanks to his public Instagram profile.

Anita Werner Without being afraid to act without make-up, he eagerly recalled the old days of gaining the sympathy of internet users. Now that the heat has increased and the holiday season has begun, the journalist has decided to use it now. His Instagram account featured a photo report of a holiday in the United States.

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Werner traveled to Florida with his partner Michał KołdziejczykIt did not let her step. The couple had already visited local beaches, visited local sites, traveled together to the NBA Games, and to Cape Canaveral, where the Kennedy Space Center is located. The journalist did not hide the fact that it was a great experience for him.

It’s a universal day! It was the path to space that the Americans traveled. At the historic site of Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center, it is clearly visible. Step by step. (…) At the end of the day, I will say: #Aha – Anita writes.

See how Anita travels around the states. Will you travel with her?

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She looks good in makeup

Not cool, not pretty, masculine with inferiority complex, arrogance, cold and vicious.

Mrs. Anita’s beauty is undiminished (let everyone be beautiful in her own way 😊) .. Standing on toes lengthens the way to the poodle

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I like her. I want to meet her in person and take a selfie with her

She has a male beauty, but the most important thing is that she is happy!

Why are you showing her? Not impressive.

Why do all the vaccines go where there are no bans and govt passports?

I do not like a girl. She is so improbable.

I live in Florida, she was in my shop, she was beautiful without makeup and a good grandmother !!!

And cool …. at last happiness was written on his face.

Nice, tall and handsome, but slightly masculine.

I like it in the natural version ……

TVN will no longer exist, but only the “real” TVP. “Dark people will buy anything.” Nowadays it is common to deal with facts.I am not for PO or PIS. I try to be objective. Even friends who support PIS say they can’t see the Number One message. The media (including TVP, TVN, radio, newspaper, Internet) are used to manipulate public opinion. They are funded by interest groups. That is why each party has its own journalists. We need to think about that. No party will help us unless we help ourselves. It mainly depends on how we are in life. You do not need to rest. It shows how to effectively create assets to live safely and decently in Poland.

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She is very similar to the tall Roman who was deported to Tuscany. ⁇

I envy my feet in heaven

He went to the CIA from time to time to train for the US Tube

Did she get jealous of Chase and chase him to Florida?

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