October 19, 2021

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Nazi crimes.  A former concentration camp guard claims he "didn't know" what was going on there |  world News

Nazi crimes. A former concentration camp guard claims he “didn’t know” what was going on there | world News

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Germany They lost and had to pay for World War II with the loss of sovereignty and the process of de-Nazification, but many Nazis for decades functioned normally and continue to function in society. Although the mantra was repeated – “never again”, after the war, the hands of a large number of Nazi collaborators were largely freed.

This year, the International Auschwitz Committee indicted the German judiciary that there had been no prosecution of Nazi criminals there for decades. An example is the case of the German concentration camp guard Sachsenhausen, who was not charged until February 2021 in connection with his activities in the Stutthof concentration camp.

Statement by the Heads of Foreign Affairs of France and Germany after the ruling of the Constitutional Court Przyłębska

The trial of a former guard in a concentration camp. Joseph Schutz claims he knows nothing

in february Prosecutor’s Office in Neurobin in Germany Wear Joseph Schutz -100-year-old former guard of German concentration camp Sachsenhausen – Alleged complicity in the kill 3,518 prisoners in the years 1942-1945. The man is also accused of complicity in the shooting death of Soviet prisoners of war in 1942 and the murder of prisoners using Zyklon B.

Schutz spoke on Friday, October 8, the second day of his trial in Germany, at the Brandenburg-sur-Havel court. The hearing is devoted to his autobiography, and in particular to his life before and after World War II. A former non-commissioned officer in the “Totenkopf” Waffen-SS unit declared him “innocent”. When asked about his work in the camp, he said he “did absolutely nothing” and “didn’t know” what was going on there.

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Joseph Schutz is still at large. Given his age, even if convicted, he is unlikely to end up in prison.

Warden’s previous trial. Prosecution of Nazi Perpetrators

Despite the prosecution and punishment war crimes And crimes against humanity were one of the main goals after 1945, many Nazis contributed to the emergence and development of the post-war economy in Germany. One example is chemist Fritz ter Meer. During World War II, he worked for the pharmaceutical company IG Farben, testing new preparations for prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in Nuremberg, he left after two years and immediately became president of Bayer.

After a long period of reluctance to prosecute all perpetrators of Nazi crimes, Germany expanded its investigations for ten years. Camp guards and other staff of the Nazi administration could be prosecuted for aiding and abetting Murders. In recent years, four former SS men have been sentenced for this.

factThe International Auschwitz Committee assessed that bringing the perpetrators to justice only now is a “failure and negligence on the part of the German judiciary”.

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