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Negotiations with the opposition suspended after the extradition of Venezuelan ally Nicolas Maduro to the United States

Negotiations with the opposition suspended after the extradition of Venezuelan ally Nicolas Maduro to the United States

A Colombian businessman suspected of money laundering in Miami has been flown to the United States. Businessman Alex Chap is a close ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Following the handover, Venezuelan officials announced that they would suspend talks with the opposition.

U.S. lawyers say Alex Saab is illegally amassing wealth on behalf of the Caracas Socialist government, and the United States has imposed tough sanctions. Maduro, the Venezuelan president’s family, and his most important allies are keeping a close eye on U.S. officials who know countless secrets about how millions of dollars have benefited from government food and housing deals, while oil-rich Venezuela is starving.

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The Colombian was arrested 16 months ago in Cape Verde on his way to Iran. After a year of legal battle, he was hired by the U.S. Justice Department on Saturday to face charges.

Caracas is in talks with the opposition

George Rodriguez, who chaired the government delegation to talks with the opposition that began in Mexico in August, said his group would not take part in the next scheduled round of talks. However, he did not mention that they were completely abandoned. Rodriguez stood in front of the giant slogan of “Free Alex Chop” and called the US illegal “occupation” which has been urging Maduro to step down for years, Andhra notes

George Rodriguez announces suspension of talks with oppositionReuters

The AB also said that Maduro had condemned Washington for “kidnapping” the businessman. Saab’s bodyguards, including officials in Caracas and their allies in Russia and Cuba, consider the arrest illegal. As a diplomatic ambassador from the Venezuelan government to Iran, Saab is gaining immunity from prosecution for doing official work.

The Maduro government has objected to Chab being accused of being an indirect attempt by Washington to change the regime.

American businessmen were arrested

Hours after the handover, Venezuelan security forces arrested the heads of six U.S. oil companies who were under house arrest in another politically motivated case. It is not clear whether these men, who were sentenced to long prison terms in a corruption case, were abused by the United States and sent back to prison, the PA insists.

Six directors of a Houston subsidiary known as SIDCO SIX – six directors associated with a Venezuelan state – owned oil company – were arrested by police in 2017 when they were taken to Caracas for a meeting. They faced charges of fraud.

Key Photo Source: Reuters

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