October 18, 2021

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Netanyahu’s victory over Govt in 4th election in 2 years seeks to retain power in Israel | The world

Israel In this Tuesday (23) election for the fourth Assembly election in two years, the vote to decide the approval of the Prime Minister is higher than ever in a similar referendum Benjamin Netanyahu – in power for more than 12 years – now uses the intensive vaccination campaign against Govt-19 as its main propaganda weapon.

Elections Summoned in December last year, The Knesset (Parliament) was automatically dissolved by failing to reach an agreement for the approval of the country’s budget.

One year after the outbreak, Israel is set to overtake Kovit-19 for a world-class immunization campaign that has already allowed the administration of the required two doses to 49% of the population.

But last year was also marked by a start Two cases against the Prime Minister for corruption and abuse of power, Which created a series of protests even in the midst of three locks across the country. For example, on Saturday, thousands of people gathered in front of Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem to demand his release.

The most recent poll puts Netanyahu’s conservative right – wing Likud at nearly 30 out of 120 seats in the Nazareth’s and 20 against its main rival, the Yash Adit party leader. The legal parties, led by Gideon Sir and Naphtali Bennett, are expected to win 10 seats each.

Without forming alliances, with 61 seats – it is impossible for any party to achieve an absolute majority again.

Air Lapid is planning an alliance with the left, center and right parties that the Prime Minister is disappointed with. In his campaign, Lapid adopted a moderate tone, focusing on issues of democracy, economy and epidemic management by the government.

“The question is whether we will get a decision that will allow one side – the pro-Netanyahu parties and the parties trying to form an alliance without Netanyahu – to gain a clear advantage. It looks like they will not both win this time,” he tells France. Journal of Dahlia Skindlin, an expert in political research in Israel.

On Sunday, Bennett went to a television station to “sign” in which he said he would not join the government led by Yer Lapid, but without commitment to Netanyahu.

If Netanyahu fails to reach the anti-61-point code, if possible, the Arab parties will try to unite the Arab parties to oust the “King BB” because the parties are calling for a prime minister.

If no one succeeds in forming the government, Netanyahu will be the prime minister.

Gideon Rahat, a professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has no doubt: “Netanyahu is ready for the fifth, sixth or seventh election.”

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