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Netflix and Spotify may run slower than usual. The reason? There are temporary problems with Amazon in the United States

Netflix and Spotify may run slower than usual.  The reason?  There are temporary problems with Amazon in the United States

Multi-site users, ApplicationAlso on video viewing sites there is a problem with the operation of the services. Amazon In the United States, Amazon Web Services has officially confirmed the infrastructure issues responsible for the service. AWS is one of the most popular services in the world used by many websites.

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Problems were perceived by US, European and Asian users using such services Spotify, Snapchat, Netflix or Disney +.

Another failure is a problem for Internet users

The December failure of the AWS service is another one this year. In June, websites that performed poorly, such as Amazon, CNN, In the “New York Times” or “The Guardian” All They did not respond.

There was a big mess in 2017 on the network. Then Amazon decided to reset the machines responsible for running the service. However, there was an error in the restart command. A simple spell significantly increases the server restart size. The resume should only consider those related to settlements. Meanwhile, the main servers for the operation of the entire Amazon Web Services infrastructure have disappeared from the network. This caused an avalanche of problems that Internet users perceived as “my website is not loaded”.

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Not just Amazon

The failure of his Facebook account has proven that other technology companies have serious problems with infrastructure. Several hours of activity on the social networking site Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp caused problems updating a service.

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The servers responsible for controlling the update process and … the access cards of the employees who want to fix the failure also failed.

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