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Netflix is ​​slowing down again. Several hundred people will lose their jobs

Netflix is ​​slowing down again.  Several hundred people will lose their jobs

Netflix announced in late April that That in the first quarter of 2022 lost 200 thousand. Net subscribers – for the first time in 10 years. Analysts expected an increase of 2.5 million. self-withdrawal from Russia However, the number of subscribers decreased by 700 thousand. The company believes that the decrease in the number of subscribers is also due to the sharing of accounts. This has entailed significant changes and the announcement of layoffs.

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At first The company laid off 150 people. At the time, it was 1.3%. From 11.3 thousand. The employees the company employs. Now a second wave of job cuts has been announced. This time around 300 people will lose their jobs, according to Reuters. Thus the company reduces the costs of running the business.

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Netflix changes

The decrease in the number of subscribers also caused changes to the users of the website. According to the Guardian, The company wants to implement a “more-less” strategy and focus on more high-quality products. This year, Netflix plans to spend $ 17 billion dollar for new and licensed content on the site.

He is also in the plans the new Subscription allows you to split accounts and passwords With people outside the same house. More expensive subscription plans with the option to share profiles have already been tested in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. In addition, the website is testing cheaper SubscriptionsBut with ads.

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