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Netizens lament Karolina Szostak’s skinny appearance: “Women should have some roundness” (photo)

Netizens lament Karolina Szostak's skinny appearance: "Women should have some roundness" (photo)

method Carolina Szostak Maintaining the “Wave” is, first of all, later discoveries related to her struggle for an ideal figure and changes in eating habits. The journalist has already described her struggle with extra kilos in three books and there are many indications of that On this subject, she has not said the last word yet.

She was ambitious for a while zostak I was again tortured by the restrictive diet which I decided to follow to avoid the yo-yo effect. Currently the journalist only consumes … 600 calories. The star now flaunts the traces of the “treatment” on the walls, to which she proudly returns after a year’s absence.

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Since Carolina underwent an impressive transformation, the 46-year-old has been very active on social media (She was even accused of narcissism). Undeterred by words of criticism, the star continues to provide netizens with more photos, and then grows up A host of coveted compliments to her character. Perhaps such praise was expected by Szostak, who recently posted photos from the elevator, which clearly show a significant weight loss. But this time she miscalculated: her fans started getting worried to take care of her health.


Mrs. Karolinka, don’t lose weight anymore, because now it’s cool… and then it won’t be fun, the woman should have some roundness.

Don’t lose weight anymore, Karolinka.

Mrs. Carolina, stop these diets, better on your mouth, you looked so cute as fat. Really, honestly.


So sorry to look.. you used to be beautifully round, always cheerful, smiling, and now sadness appears on your face …

Yes, yes, and when I smiled, I kept reading that everything was fine, but why do I always smile hahaha.

And under another photo, a netizen accused Carolina of skimping on, thanks to which the journalist looks slimmer.


This picture is at an angle, which is why it looks like this. distortion.

at an angle? Carolina laughed.

Do you think Szostak really exaggerated weight loss?

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