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New children’s fun. Ukrainian boys “imitate their fathers” – O2

New children's fun.  Ukrainian boys "imitate their fathers" - O2

Tesga, a kindergarten teacher in Kyiv, talks about the new reality she is facing. At the beginning of June, the kindergarten in which I worked resumed its activities. However, the groups are not complete – many of the children have gone abroad or to safer areas of the country.

New games in Ukrainian kindergartens

Taysja added that the children who went back to kindergarten had changed a lot. They no longer play what they did before the war.

One of the new games we play at the checkpoint. The boys of the older group, imitating their fathers, who were enlisted in territorial defense during the siege of Kyiv, erected their own barrier in the kindergarten, through which they let their friends pass after reciting a poem – says the kindergarten teacher.

Children also sing other songs. Earlier, during the game, children sang folk songs from cartoons and fairy tales, and now patriotic songs and anthems dominate their repertoire.

The children had no problems adjusting because they kept in touch online with their caregivers. However, some of them had trouble separating from their parents. This applies to the young ones who “survived the most” during the war.

Before reopening, teachers received psychological training. This was to prepare them to talk to their children about the war. Some children have changed a lot because of the war – they have grown up.

We also have another case – in the younger group, a girl brought a pacifier to the kindergarten. We agreed with her that she would try to keep it in her pocket, not in her mouth, and for now we’re sticking with these arrangements – adds Taisga, laughing.

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