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New Free Medical Screening and Counseling Program Launched, “Adamed for the Family” – Zdrowie Wprost

New Free Medical Screening and Counseling Program Launched, "Adamed for the Family" - Zdrowie Wprost

During the summer and fall season, the “Adamed for the Family” social campaign, initiated and conducted by Adamed Pharma, will appear in 5 locations where it is difficult to reach a doctor due to the longer waiting time for an appointment compared to other centers. As an additional criterion for choosing the site, the organizers took into account the estimated population of 50-100 thousand. population. In such places there is a problem of limited possibilities of using specialized medical services. Therefore, this year the campaign will reach Pabianice, Kołobrzeg, Leszno, Ełk and Nowy Sącz.

“The importance of prevention still needs to be reminded. Educating patients about the effects of lifestyle, neglect from the pandemic period or disease progression, but above all giving them a chance to get tested and see a doctor, is today the key to success in improving the health of our population – reducing it – contact health debt In Poland There are still places in Poland where you have to wait several months or even longer to get an appointment with a cardiologist The situation is similar when it comes to accessing other specialists dealing with diseases of civilization, such as a pulmonologist or an ophthalmologist. This is why In that any initiative that would improve the health of the Polish population is of great value and worthy of benefiting from the professional care it provides in places where there is no such opportunity on a daily basis”, says the professor. Doctor Hebb. n. med. Filip Szymański, President of the Society for Diseases of Civilization, which undertook the substantive sponsorship of the “Adamed for the Family” campaign.

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As part of the campaign, free health areas will be established, where you will be able to benefit from specialized examinations and consultations, such as: Cardiology (echocardiogram, lipid profile: total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides; measurement of Glucose; Measurement of blood pressure and pulse), Pulmonary (spirometry), Ophthalmology (Fundum examination by medical consultation – evaluation of the retina, blood vessels, optic disc and macula with an ophthalmoscope and an ophthalmoscope), Diabetes (checking HbA1c level – in the past 6 months) , urology, ultrasound (abdominal cavity and prostate organ, breast, thyroid, testes), psychological workshops for children and adolescents.

All diagnostic services will be carried out under the specialized supervision of specialists in a particular field: doctors or the nursing team. In addition, visitors will have access to, among others: a respiratory rehabilitation area, a first aid course, and a children’s attractions area.

Katowice will be on the road to the “Adamed for the Family” campaign an additional city on September 24, and is the capital of the World Heart Day celebrations in Poland this year.

Adamed Pharma, as a socially responsible company, engages in activities aimed at increasing the availability of medical services, both in research and in counseling, in places where it is most needed through a new campaign. We believe that thanks to our initiative, we will contribute to increasing health awareness and improving the health of the population of our country ”- reports Katarzina Dubno, Director of External Relations and Health Economics at Adamed Pharma SA

The Adamed For Family campaign targets entire families, including children. For many years, Adamed Pharma has been supporting the health of entire generations and especially the care of families. Social health programs such as: “Deep in Soul”, “Find Yourself”, “Heart Again” or “Adam for Adults”.

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Everyone who lives in or around the campaign venues is invited to participate in the health programme. The scheduled procedures will take place on Sunday 10-18, in order to enable access to research and advice to the widest possible group of patients and thus contribute to reducing health debt. Campaign services will be free but there will be limits. The organizers encourage you to register in advance at, ensuring that we use the research we care about. However, this is not necessary, you can visit the health areas on the day of the event. They also recall requirements to prepare for certain tests and comply with the health system related to COVID-19 safety in health care facilities.

The campaign was sponsored by the Polish Society of Pathology of Civilization, the Polish Society of Allergology and the Academy of Special Pedagogy. M. Grzegorzewska.

The calendar of the “Adam for the Family” campaign in 2022:

August 21 – Babianis

August 28 – Kolobrzeg

September 18 – Liszno

September 24 – Katowice (4th Patient Heart Forum)

October 2 – Elk

October 16 – Nowy Sącz

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