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New generation EuroHPC JU supercomputer system installed in Poland – Ministry of Education and Science

New generation EuroHPC JU supercomputer system installed in Poland - Ministry of Education and Science

Poland is one of the five European Union countries selected to install the new generation of supercomputing systems

The EuroHPC joint venture has selected five sites where new supercomputers will be installed to build a pan-European data processing infrastructure. They are: Greece, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

In Poland, a scale system will be established at the end of 2023 mid-range Many times more powerful than the current fastest supercomputer in Poland (Athens). The operator of the new supercomputer will be the CYFRONET AGH Academic Computer Center in Krakow, and access will be provided to Polish scientists as part of the PLGrid infrastructure. Like the current EuroHPC supercomputers, the new systems will be accessible to a wide range of European users from the research community, industry and the public sector.

The Ministry of Education and Science has announced its support for the project within the framework of the European Union’s Joint European Undertaking on Energy and the Environment (EuroHPC) in the limits. 12 million euros.

Project goals

The purpose of building the EuroHPC JU infrastructure is to enable scientific research on a much larger scale than before, as well as to develop new solutions that can be applied in many areas, particularly in the field of drug design, new materials and anti-effects. Climate change and anthropogenic processes. The expected impact of operating the EuroHPC JU supercomputer is to advance science, increase the innovative potential of the economy, and ultimately improve the quality of life of citizens.

Computers inside EuroHPC JU

The initiative currently includes five computers rated as the world’s most powerful supercomputers, such as LUMI in Finland, Vega in Slovenia, MeluXina in Luxembourg, Discoverer in Bulgaria, and Karolina in the Czech Republic. Work is also underway on three other supercomputers: Leonardo in Italy, Deucalion in Portugal, and Marinostrom 5 in Spain.

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The LUMI supercomputer is currently the fastest and most energy efficient supercomputer in Europe and the third in the world according to the TOP500 and Green500 lists announced in June 2022. It is the result of a consortium that also includes Poland, represented by the Ministry of Education and Science and ACK Cyfronet AGH. Polish scientists have already obtained experimental access to the resources of the LUMI supercomputer.

PLGrid – A world-class hardware access point

supercomputer mid-range The planned financing in Poland will become part of the national PLGrid infrastructure, similar to the current fastest Polish supercomputer Athena.
Athena is installed in Cyfronet where it achieves a theoretical computing power of 7.7 PetaFlops, giving the device 105 places in the Top 500 list for June. Athena’s computing power for artificial intelligence computing is nearly 240 petaflops, and in the ranking of the most environmentally friendly supercomputers, Green500 ranks 9th.

The range of possibilities offered to users of the PLGrid, developed by the PLGrid Consortium, also includes the access of Polish scientists to the LUMI supercomputer. In this way, the PLGrid portal is and will be more for Polish scientists an access point to the computers that are at the forefront of the world. Thanks to the unified user authentication system and the joint PLGrid help desk, researchers from research units from all over Poland use the resources of computing power, memory and specialized software packages.

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