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New Jersey, USA, Govt-19 | The world that offers free beer to those who are vaccinated against

Governor Nova Jersey (United States), Bill Murphy, announced on Monday (3) who will take the first dose Vaccine Against Corona virus In May You get free beer Any one of the 13 bars registered in this alliance with the state government.

Vaccine for Govit-19 Open nationwide for over 16s. However, due to local law on alcoholic beverages, Free beer will only be distributed to those over 21 years of age. Anyone interested should present proof of first dose at the bar.

According to the NBC television network, The state of New Jersey is expected to further relax controls against the corona virus in the coming weeks, Allowing outdoor events starting with the reopening of restaurants.

About 3.2 million residents in the state are fully vaccinated against the corona virus – which is about 37% of the local population. Despite the rapid pace of immunization in the United States has not yet reached the numbers, which will allow the virus to be stopped or completely eliminated.

The moving average of Govt-19 cases in New Jersey is downward: According to The New York Times, the government found 1,500 new diagnoses a day on Sunday (2). This is still a relevant figure, but far less than the nearly 4,500 new cases a day recorded a month ago. In all, the corona virus has killed 25,600 people in New Jersey since the outbreak began.

New guidelines for vaccinators

The U.S. Health Regulatory Agency decided last week Those who have been fully vaccinated in the country may have open outdoor activities, Such as walking and hiking without wearing a mask. However, for indoor activities, masks are mandatory. Find out more in the video above.

“The new guidelines are the first step in helping fully vaccinated Americans to resume activities they have stopped due to infection, while at the same time being aware of the risk of spreading the virus to others,” the CDC said.

Wearing a mask is considered by experts to be the best way to control the spread. There was a discussion about wearing masks outside that had been going on for weeks. In conclusion, it was taken into account that most of the Covit-19 transfusions occur internally and that vaccines are high.

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