July 28, 2021

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New price list at PKP Intercity.  The less popular the train, the cheaper the tickets

New price list at PKP Intercity. The less popular the train, the cheaper the tickets

After the epidemic subsides, passengers return to PKP Intercity. So the carrier announced that it would introduce a “dynamic rate management system” on express trains, ie EIP (operated by Pendolino) and EIC trains.

What is the difference? Until now, the amount we had to spend on the trip depended on when the ticket was purchased. When we did it a month before the travel date, we were paying 30%. lower than the so-called base price. As the days went by, the discount dropped to 20 percent, then 10 percent, and a week before the train started on the way, it was all but gone.

The “legacy” rules will still apply to TLK and IC listing types. In “espresso machines”, the company unexpectedly introduced five new “price levels”. As PKP Intercity explains, the availability of individual promotional tickets now depends on the occupancy of a particular train.

“We will run (the number of cheaper tickets) depending on, for example, the day of travel, the route, the class of the wagon or the time of purchase” – explains the railwaymen, guaranteeing ticket prices for EIP and EIC trains will start from PLN 49

We want our promotions to be effective, i.e. encouraging passengers to choose a connection that offers them the best price. The advantage of the new offer is the fact that sometimes it is enough to choose a train at a less popular time to buy a much cheaper ticket – says Tomasz Guntars, a member of the PKP Intercity Council.

This means that the more people choose a particular train on average, the more expensive the ticket. We check how it looks in practice. For example, for the Pendolino flight in second class, which will go from Krakow to Gdynia on August 9 at 9:58 am, you will now have to pay PLN 159.20. The system informs that it is a ticket from the “Promo20” offer, that is, with a 20% discount. Before the changes, the discount will reach 30% before the due date.

Interestingly, at the time of publication of this article, a ticket for the same train, but in first class, cost 10,20 PLN less. In this case, we are eligible for a different ‘Best’ promotion type – ‘Best SuperPromo Offer’.

In the opinion of Tomasz Gontarz, thanks to the change in the price list, tickets for less popular connections will be available at lower prices for a longer period. – To date, for less than seven days before the train departs, the promotional limits from the previous offer are no longer valid. This is now changing. He adds that if there is still plenty of free seats on a particular train, promotional tickets may still be available.

The carrier has required groups of tickets to be limited, and similar rules apply to “almost all of the world’s largest carriers”. He calculated that dynamic price management was used on German, Italian, Czech, French and British railways.

Until now, we have often encouraged passengers to plan their trips in advance. However, we can see that the way trips are planned has changed drastically recently. Our passengers often decide to travel spontaneously, even in the middle of the week, encouraged by favorable offers. We therefore keep pace with the times and want our offer to be modern and tailored to consumer behaviour, and this will be ensured by a dynamic sales system – sums up Tomasz Gontarz.

In the future, passengers will face more changes related to the purchase of train tickets. At the end of June, PKP Informatyka, which uses the services of PKP Intercity and regional carriers, announced a tender for the construction of a new sales system. The solutions currently in use are to replace the central system of seat reservations and ticket sales.

If the second plan of the railway workers succeeds, in the case of PKP Intercity, this will most likely mean, for example, the end of the daily evening technical breaks on the interity.pl site and the elimination of regular breakdowns on this site.

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