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New road signs. Regulations have changed since Thursday

Od czwartku na polskich drogach pojawiają się nowe znaki informujące kierowców. Będą one informowały o najbliższych ładowarkach pojazdów elektrycznych. Według szacunków Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Paliw Alternatywnych w naszym kraju funkcjonuje prawie 2 tys. punktów ładowania pojazdów elektrycznych.

From Thursday, new signs appear informing drivers on Polish roads. They will report the nearest electric vehicle chargers. According to the estimates of the Polish Association of Alternative Fuels, there are approximately 2,000 in our country. Electric vehicle charging points.

On Thursday, regulations allowing new signs to be placed on Polish roads will come into force. He goes, among others on the regulation of the Ministers of Infrastructure and Internal Affairs on October 12, 2021. The upcoming changes were reminded of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA), which began to introduce new labels.

new tag D-23b “Gas station with charging point for electric vehicles” It will be used to indicate a gas station equipped with a charging point for electric vehicles. However, the mark D-23c “Electric Vehicle Charging Point” It is to locate the charging point for electric vehicles.

The introduction of new tags is important for two reasons. First of all, electric vehicle drivers will be informed of the location of the nearest charging point, which will increase comfort and make it easier to overcome long trips behind the wheel of zero-emissions vehicles. – Explanation of PSPA Director, Maciej Mazur. The second reason – he added – is that the new signs will also increase the awareness of other drivers who often do not know that such stations have been operating in Poland for a long time, and their number is close to 2,000.

New regulations also introduced Changes in marking of electric parking spaces while charging.

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As reported by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, in the case of electric parking spaces only for the time of charging, under the sign D – 18 There will be a sign that says “EV Charging”. According to the new regulations, on the board under the marking D-18, the word “EV” will be placed in the top line and the word “Load” in the last line. The regulations also allow for additional information on this plate about the maximum parking time.

The word “EV” can also be placed on envelopes drawn on the road surface to designate an electric parking space – PSPA reported.

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