July 27, 2021

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New subsidies for electric cars are much higher and for everyone

New subsidies for electric cars are much higher and for everyone

New subsidies for electric cars called “electricians” saw the light of day.

After a series of leaks, we officially know the details of the government’s program to support electric mobility. More than 500 million PLN have been allocated for its implementation in 2021.

The fastest, on July 12, will begin the call for applications for benefits for natural persons. The budget for this purpose is 100 million PLN. It is revolutionizing compared to the first distribution of additional fees a year ago. The mileage limit has been abolished, there is no limit on eligible costs (a year ago the cap was 15% of the car price).

The basic additional cost of an electric car (M1) and zero-emissions quad bike (L) that Kowalski or Nowak can get from the state budget is PLN 18,750. Do you have three or more children? The Big Family Card will entitle you to a higher level financing of 27K. PLN. For vehicles of category L, you will be able to get 4,000. PLN for support.

A million households with the card is a great opportunity to develop the market, said Irenos Ziska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

More importantly, and what the Polish Alternative Fuels Association fought for, the maximum value of the electric vehicle for which government support was provided is also increasing. At an additional cost under the new “My Electrician” program, a normal person will be able to purchase a car no more than PLN 225,000. PLN. It is about 100,000. PLN more compared to the first program – a year ago it could have cost an electrician a maximum of 125 thousand. PLN, which limited the selection to city models.

In the case of people with a large family card, the limit has been completely eliminated.

Subsidy recipients will not be required to achieve a minimum annual mileage (a year ago, a “green car” required 10,000 km per year), the subsidy intensity was abolished in the form of 15 percent. owed cost. The co-financing will cover both vehicle purchase and rental.

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However, from the point of view of the faster development of electric mobility in Poland, the most important are electric vehicle subsidies for business people. After all, they are responsible for the largest sales of new cars in the country. Hence the new program “My Electrician” – developed in part with companies in mind – provides:

Subsidies for electric rental cars;

Price limit – a passenger car purchased in the region cannot be more expensive than 225 thousand cars. Polish zloty.

– In the case of purchasing an electric passenger car class M1, the maximum support is 27 thousand. PLN. However, to get the most, you should advertise 15,000 miles minimum. km/year and min. 30 thousand km for two years

– The minimum number of miles allows you to get financing in the amount of 18.75 thousand. Polish zloty.

– it is possible to apply for financing for more than one car;

– When purchasing an electric delivery vehicle (N1), an additional fee of up to PLN 70,000 must be paid. PLN (up to 30% of eligible costs), provided that the minimum mileage is 20 thousand. how many years

– the lower mileage entitles you to receive a benefit of up to 50,000 PLN (20% of eligible costs);

– For vehicles of category L1e-L7e, subsidy in the amount of PLN 4,000 (up to 30% of eligible costs).

According to the PSPA, the announcement of allowing leasing as a potential form of e-car financing backed by entrepreneurs will accelerate the electrification of transport in Poland. The leasing companies, which will cooperate with the banks, are required to apply for rental subsidies on behalf of the tenants. NFOŚiGW will provide them with funds for subsidies. The owner of the project must sign a lease agreement with a subsidy.

– Unlike last year’s beta programs, “My Electrician” will be a program for everyone. This is good news, but the pace of release of certain types of support tools is of key importance, Maciej Mazur, managing director of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, told Dziennik.pl. The inclusion of entrepreneurs among the beneficiaries is critical to market development and must be implemented as quickly as possible. 85 percent of the PSPA chief said electric cars in Poland are being purchased by companies, but at the moment they cannot get the support they have been waiting for for years.

– The subsidy system is urgently needed to stimulate the electric car market, and we can see it on the example of other European countries. Szymon So andtysik, Director of Public Relations at Mazda Motor Poland, told Dziennik.pl: We are pleased to simplify the procedures and raise both the car price limits and the amount of co-financing itself.

From our side, we are announcing an additional 10,000. Economical lifts from Mazda for the first 150 customers who decided to buy an electric Mazda MX-30, thanks to which their price, using the Big Family card, will be equal to the price of the base gasoline version of the Mazda CX-30 and will reach PLN 105,900. This is how we see our role in promoting electric mobility. There is still a question about when to introduce co-financing to companies, because we know that institutional customers buy most new cars in Poland, but we are also preparing for them and will soon announce an offer of additional support from our side – announced the representative of the Japanese brand.

Support for electric cars for entrepreneurs will start in a few weeks. In addition to corporations, government support under the terms described above will also be available to fiscal sector entities, research institutes, associations, foundations, cooperatives, individual farmers, churches and other religious associations and their legal entities.

PSPA notes that compared to last year’s pilot programs, the “My Electrician” program will make it easier to receive funding, incl. Thanks to a simplified procedure that is performed entirely online. Co-financing will be granted to natural persons on the basis of reimbursement of part of the vehicle purchase costs incurred. To obtain it, you must complete an online application, providing proof of purchase, registration and vehicle insurance. Then he signed the application that will become a contract with the application for the payment of the benefit. Regardless of the form of car financing (purchase, lease, rental), the terms of support must be the same.

The budget for co-financing has been increased, compared to last year’s program for natural persons, from PLN 37.5 to PLN 100 million (to be appointed until September 30, 2025 or the funds are exhausted before that), and for an expanded group of beneficiaries, including entrepreneurs and local governments, amounted to Another 400 million PLN. Importantly, current owners of electric cars will also be able to apply for subsidies, provided they purchased their cars from May 1, 2020.

We would like to remind you that in the case of the first prize, the “Green Car” program, intended for natural persons, was the most popular, with the least number of actions – 262 applications were received worth 4.6 million PLN. According to the plans of the willing, there were about 2,000 people. Other programs (eVan and Koliber) did not break the bank either. In the first of them, there were 81 applications for 6.6 million PLN. The second recruitment of taxi drivers was not carried out at all – 1 person per 25 thousand volunteers. PLN. In total, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management collected 344 applications, less than 7.5 percent of the planned amount of 150 million PLN. Aid (11.2 million PLN).

Using such a tape, you can spread your wings more boldly and think about fully electric cars that can be the main car in the family. And it’s not only about size or function, but also about fast charging technology and the large range that allows vacation trips or free trips throughout Poland.

At the time of the start of recruitment for the “Green Car” program, funding was covering only 8 models of electric vehicles, mostly city cars. Thanks to the maximum price increase, subsidies under the “My Electrician” program for individuals already cover 40 models, including compact cars, family vehicles and SUVs. With a large family card, you can get an additional payment for the purchase of up to 60 different zero-emission models – said Dziennik.pl Jan Wiśniewski, head of the PSPA Research and Analysis Center.

There is a special calculator on the website https://elektromobilni.pl/kalkulator-doplat that allows you to check the price of each all-electric passenger car (BEV) available on the Polish market, taking into account government subsidies. – For example, the list price of a BMW i3 starts from PLN 169.700, with an additional fee we will pay 150950 PLN for this model, and when we have a large family card, it is only PLN 142.700, which is a reduction compared to the base price by 16%. Albert Kania of the PSPA explains.

We’ll pay 15 percent for a Nissan LEAF compact car with an additional fee. Less – 105,150 PLN (96,900 PLN with a large family card), the cost of buying a Volkswagen ID 3 after support will be PLN 121,240 (112,990 PLN with a large family card), which is a 19% decrease compared to At the base price!

Hyundai Kona Electric – Thanks to the “My Electrician” program, the list price can be reduced by 12 percent. – up to PLN 137,150 (or up to PLN 128,900 with a large family card). In contrast, when we plan to buy a Mercedes EQA, the cost will be reduced by 9% thanks to the subsidy. – Up to 181,150 PLN (172900 PLN with a large family card).

Kia EV6 – the base model costs 179.900 PLN (58 kWh, two-wheel drive, 170 hp). But by spending 216,900 PLN and thus getting the extra cost, you can consider an EV6 with a 4×4 engine, 77.4 kWh battery, 325 hp and a range of about 490 km.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 with 73 kWh battery, rear motor and 218 hp motor will cover around 470-490 hp – 223,900 PLN (Executive Edition). The cheapest model costs from 189.900 PLN (58 kWh, 2WD, 170 hp).

The Skoda Enyaq iV 60 with a range of about 420 km costs PLN 182,300 (58 kWh, 179 hp engine). The more powerful Enyaq iV 80 will cost 211,700 PLN – this SUV will provide up to 536 km of range (82 kWh battery and 204 hp engine).

Volkswagen ID.4 with a 150-horsepower engine and 52 kWh battery (range up to 346 km) costs from PLN 156,390. In contrast, ID.4 Pro Performance from PLN costs 190,890 – in this case, the net battery of 77 kWh will collect energy for a 523 km drive. Connect to a 125 kW fast charging station and after 30 minutes. You can drive another 320 km.

Ford Mustang Mach-E price starts at 216120 PLN This electric SUV is equipped with a 68 kWh battery. At the rear axle is a 269 hp engine (maximum torque 430 Nm). The range is up to 440 km.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs from PLN 199,990 (range 448 km, rear-wheel drive).

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