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Newly baked dad Piotr Szeląg talks about his hotel stay and says to Lara Gessler: “Thank you for understanding my needs” (PHOTOS)

Newly baked dad Piotr Szeląg talks about his hotel stay and says to Lara Gessler: "Thank you for understanding my needs" (PHOTOS)

At the beginning of last week Lara Geisler Announce it with Peter Zelog They had a second common solace. Then the daughter of a famous restaurant owner posted a picture in which we can see her With her husband and newborn son. A few days later I posted another picture. This time she revealed that she was young Bernard She is a very “quiet” child.

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The newly baked dad has yet to celebrate his son’s birthday by posting it on social media. On Thursday, she appeared on his Instagram profile Accommodation account in a hotel in Warsaw. run out Shared, among other things, an image of a luxury car bearing the word “toy”. He also boasted of selfies taken in the elevator and breakfast at the hotel, and eventually shared the recording from the window, writing underneath:

I temporarily take a break from being alone with myself and return the longing for Lara and the children. Thank you @lara_gessler for understanding my needs and supporting me. Thank you @magdagessler_official for helping me out where I need it – no questions asked.

We decided to contact Szeląg and ask for details. It turned out that due to the recent events related to the expansion of the family, the lawyer needed silence.

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Well, I’m so sick of peedulics, anyone who’s 9 months pregnant would think

I wonder how one looks at a mother who leaves everything – home and children, because she needs calm. It will be worse.

This does not bode well … Strange, the grandmother gives birth to her child and he is looking for peace …

Are you already tired of your family? I wonder if Lara could count on similar luxuries on his part…..

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Guys from outer space! But we are strong women! I also can’t calm down for more than two years… well, a guy should calm down if he has to. You can still do everything and then it just feels normal. Worse than the other way!

Great dad, the baby was born sprinkling ;-). Somehow he does not brag about his daughter Zosia, which he has with Joanna Jabłczyńska. Silence as if the child was gone!!!!!!!!!

Gebrild can’t believe it… 🤦‍♀️

Bahaa and what is the name of that need?

A woman who does not understand…leave alone…..easy.

If it was so good for her, he wouldn’t publicly thank her… until everyone knows how amazing and understanding she is, he’s now trying to lick her. It doesn’t have to be that way, but how do I see it that way

This is the one who got married without panties?

That he is not ashamed to brag about it yet..Does he count on satisfaction??

Quite frankly ? As if my husband wants to relax, rest, etc., I will buy him a hotel accommodation myself. But unfortunately, rural traditions dictate men’s navel organizing and eating like noble creatures…🤷

He must have celebrated his son’s birthday so much that he would like to thank his mother-in-law. So for now, my wife doesn’t want to understand. Relax yourself, your loins have calmed down and you can wait until the wife wishes.

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