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Newly baked mother Polina Chakolo walking alone with her baby in the park (photos)

Newly baked mother Polina Chakolo walking alone with her baby in the park (photos)

Polina Chachoco, known from “Na and Spolny”, who became a mother for the first time at the end of July, was photographed walking in the garden with a branch in her arms. Besides the actress, the search for the father of the child, the Ecuadorean football player – Joel Valencia, was in vain.

Paulina ChachocoAnd the Just like her twin sister Carolina, is the actress. Although the 36-year-old earned recognition by playing the role Elizabeth in the series “Na Wspólnej”, Recently, she has been vocal not in relation to her professional activities, but in relation to what is happening in her private life. In May, I reported that She is expecting a babyAnd at the end of July, she announced that her baby was already in the world.

Monthly boy is the fruit of the actress’s relationship with her father. Nine years younger Ecuadorean football player Joel Valencia. The man was associated with the club until last year Legia WarsawFor several months he was playing for the Spanish national team AD Alcorcon.

Shortly before her dissolution, the actress, who once lived with her lover in Madrid, decided for unknown reasons Return to Poland. As a result, you can now meet her on the streets of Warsaw. Of course, her recent trip to the city did not lose sight of the attention of photojournalists in Warsaw. In the pictures taken by the paparazzi, we see a freshly baked mother Walking alone in a park. Wearing a comfortable chuckoo design She bravely carried the branch as she pushed the cart.

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See the latest photos of Polina with her son.

Leave the mothers in the puerperium alone, who are talking with their children in the garden. Leave them alone.

Because that’s what motherhood looks like, the baby has two parents and the mother does everything with the baby

He is not a good father. Everyone already knew Gliwice. I have left one and this one.

They look beautiful, bless you

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What do they have with these black wagons

You guys are making a splash. Maybe he was sitting at home cooking dinner 😂😂😂

I also liked walking alone, they refresh my thoughts, with Kamini buggy it was good to walk for hours

Who is writing this??? Change your profession… what are you interested in? Where does this lady come with her comfort???

You can be pregnant, you can be born and no one has to die because of it. One might be normal in the show business


28 minutes ago

Joel scores more goals for free goals

“Why is such a child already carrying on the street in his hands. Spine, pity.”

Well no eggs… has to be outdoors every day and life isn’t just about walking, so it seems like I’m a decadent mom, because my husband was walking with my kids, and at that time I slept from the hardships of motherhood or after I was Get dressed or prepare a meal…

How can you go to bed with a native, there are not many good looking men in Warsaw or Poland

Chocolate is prolific, news like this has been popular in Silesia for a while. I don’t know what she saw in it, but I think the biological clock was ticking.

Pretty girl but I don’t expect a long relationship

A football player was needed to pass on good genetic material. She is independent and has money and does not need to take care of an extra child.

She is carrying the baby in a completely different way than Joanna Obozda.

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