May 12, 2021

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News about Govt-19, Live | Sao Paulo retreats to the red stage and resumes face-to-face and football lessons | Currently

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“As far as I can see, Barroso does not have the moral courage,” President Jair Bolsanaro was quoted as saying, with Union Minister Luis Roberto Barroso on Thursday deciding that the Senate should set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI). Govt-19 by the Central Government in Dealing with the Health Crisis. Bolzano posted a video on his social networking sites recording the attacks on the minister during a conversation with supporters. On the record, he also urges Barroso to commit to opening the indictment proceedings of SDF ministers in the Senate. This Thursday, Brazil set a new record of 4,249 new deaths Govt 19, This brings the total number of cases in the country to 345,025, according to the National Council of Health Secretaries (GONAS). 9 to 2, the Federal Supreme Court (SDF) on Thursday ruled that religious worship could be vetoed in the acute phase of the Sao Paulo epidemic. Japan tightens measures against Govt-19 100 days ahead of Olympics

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