October 18, 2021

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News about Govt-19 | The weekly average of Govt-19 deaths reaches 15,661, which is currently more than double the 2020 peak.

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The weekly average of Govt-19 deaths reaches 15,661, more than double the 2020 peak. Govit-19 Obtained by the Global Kovacs Facility Federation. It contains 1 million doses of the Astrogenega-Oxford vaccine made in South Korea. The federal agreement with the Global Vaccine Alliance provides 42.5 million doses by 2021. This Saturday, Brazil recorded 2,438 deaths in the last 24 hours, for a total of 292,752 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health. It has been the worst Saturday since the start of the health crisis, with the country expecting a week of bad data. The city of Sவோo Paulo has recorded a lack of oxygen in the UPA Ermelino Madraso, east of the capital, for the first time since Corona virus. Ten patients had to be evacuated on Friday night, March 20, as confirmed by the municipal health department. Secretary Edson Aperacido said the problem was caused by the fact that it was not provided by the White Martins. The company says there is no lack of oxygen, but “proper planning” in the health sector.

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