April 14, 2021

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Press Release / Franca City Hall
In all, 22,417 positive diagnoses and 437 deaths have been reported since the outbreak.

This Easter Sunday, the 4th, Franca recorded 14 new Covid-19 cases in addition to one death. In all, the city has confirmed 22,417 positive diagnoses and 437 deaths since the outbreak began. The victim this Sunday was a 46-year-old man. On weekends, the average number of moving cases per day dropped to 85.6 positive diagnoses due to delays in the release of records. The death toll rose to 2.1 per day. In hospitals, only two ICU beds (intensive care units) are available: one on the public network and the other on the private network. At SUS, 55 beds are available for 55 inpatients and in private hospitals, 33 are available for 34. The wards have 43 patients in 68 beds.

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