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NFZ training program “8 weeks for health” – rules for use

NFZ training program "8 weeks for health" - rules for use

The National Health Fund training program “8 Weeks to Health” is available through the MojeIKP application. Access to it is free. The plan includes 8 different types of training. It also allows access to specialists.

Who is the “8 Weeks to Health” training program for?

Movement has a beneficial effect on us health. It is for both healthy and sick people. It is worth knowing the following:

  • It is well tolerated by people with various chronic diseases
  • It has a proven positive effect on patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, rheumatic diseases or depression.
  • It increases our level of satisfaction and increases resistance to stress.

However, if you have any doubts about whether you can participate in our program, please consult your physician.

Training program “8 Weeks to Health” in the MojeIKP app

The app will guide you through 8 weeks, step by step, towards improving your fitness and health. Moreover, it is a solution for everyone, including people who do not exercise regularly or those with chronic diseases. In addition to training plans, the application provides additional options that allow you to assess your condition or whether it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting a workout. It is about performance testing i.e. Rockport Gait Test, PAR-Q Scan and Borg Scale. Everything to ensure Safety user.

How do you benefit from the free “8 Weeks to Health” training program by MojeIKP?

To start the program, just launch the free MojeIKP app on your phone. After logging in, select the “Prevention” tab and then click “8 Weeks to Health”. The training plan for each week will appear on the screen with video instructions. Each set begins with a warm-up and ends with stretching. The following weeks of exercise will depend on your progress and health.

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In each training you will receive the support of a team of experts:

  • Physiotherapist – Shows how to properly perform the training
  • Coach – guides you through the training
  • Physician – Discusses the health benefits of physical activity and provides a weekly plan for independent activity
  • Psychologist – stimulates and encourages perseverance.

MyIKP – what is it?

It is a free mobile application that provides access to the most important functions of the patient’s online account. You can download it for Android from google apps or iOS with app store.

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