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Niemczy: Vaccinations against the coronavirus. Press about the lack of strategy

Niemczy: Vaccinations against the coronavirus.  Press about the lack of strategy

“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” Analytics: “So, what has been categorically excluded, this is Vaccination commitmentIt is likely to take effect in February at the latest. The various federal, state, municipal and federations could not force themselves to offer a carefully considered vaccination strategy. We could draw a veil of silence over reckless decisions made in the summer, like closing some vaccination centers and making vaccination mandatory as an unnecessary step, if there’s a good business plan in the drawer just in case. But nothing of the sort happens. Instead, the tiny minority that refuses to be vaccinated is keeping the entire country and its people in their fist. Now there are also difficulties in getting the right number of vaccines; Now, when the readiness for pollination is at the level we finally want it to be. Everything is unprofessional, sad and even tragic.”

Southgerman newspaper He writes: “Both the old and new governments are reluctant to take responsibility for difficult matters. Therefore, the German Constitutional Court again rushed to their aid. The new government.”

“Frankfurter Rundschau” Critical states: “Anyone who relied on the difficult decisions of a conference with federal and provincial officials was quickly disappointed. The federal states governed by the CDU and CSU wisely re-tested their ability to resist and sent a five-point action plan back to Berlin. Coalition Parties The SPD, the FDP and the Greens want to reintroduce the country’s pandemic emergency, fortunately At least states have been given the right to impose stricter restrictions on their own in the fight against the epidemicSuch as, for example, the prohibition of exit and closure in the area. Such tools, Olaf Schultz said, can be extended depending on circumstances. Apparently, the SPD wanted nothing more. During the conference, Olaf Schultz spoke in favor of introducing a universal vaccination commitment, which would be a viable solution in the near future, but will it help us now? “

“New Osnabruecker Zeitung” He warns: “The Traffic Light Alliance has woken up from a deep sleep due to the coronavirus. Future adviser, Olaf Schulz, has reached agreement with states on a more consistent path to pandemic containment where necessary. Turbocharging has finally been added to the vaccination issue. Commitment to booster vaccinations after Six months, when her protective status ends. Now, however, Scholz’s new crisis team must ensure there is no shortage of vaccines to carry out these high profile announcements.”

“Reutlinger General-Anzeiger” Estimates: “The SPD, the Greens, and the FDP were trapped for too long. For their Triple Alliance to ever exist, the pandemic had to be lifted as a legal basis. This was the position of the liberals. But that was the condition of the liberals.” The pressure increased after the explosion in the number of infections with the Corona virusTo increase the country’s room to maneuver in the face of the epidemic, rather than reduce it. After the Constitutional Court ruling, the new alliance’s room for maneuver increased again. Appointed counsel Olaf Schultz has proven wise enough to seize the opportunity and expand his legal toolkit. In a meeting with the chief ministers of federal states, he promised to tighten the Infection Protection Act to give federal states more room to act. Besides, another meeting on this matter will be held soon.”

“Southwest Press” With Ulm’s conclusion: “Pressure is mounting to emulate Austria About the introduction of compulsory vaccinations in Germany. It won’t help today or tomorrow, but no one can want the fifth wave of the epidemic. Kindly inviting people to get vaccinated will not help most of the 14 million people who are still not vaccinated. Yes, politicians, by introducing compulsory vaccinations, will break their promises, but they will do so for a reason. We must finally get out of the state of emergency.”

Dagmara Jakubczak / Polish editorial office Deutsche Welle

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