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Nikola Grybić comments on the loss of the Poland-USA match. Coach’s Bitter Words – Volleyball – Sports Wprost

Nikola Grybić comments on the loss of the Poland-USA match.  Coach's Bitter Words - Volleyball - Sports Wprost

In this year’s League of Nations, the Polish national team looked as likely to win the title as in the previous edition when they fell to Brazil in the final. However, this time, the gold or silver will definitely not go to the Polish Reds, because they lost the semi-final match against the USA with a score of 0: 3. Nikola Krbic has already been very eloquent about this encounter.

League of Nations. Nikola Grybić comments on the loss of the Poland-USA match

In an interview with the journalist of the portal, the Serb said that when you play against a strong opponent who puts pressure on you in every move, the main thing is focus, concentration and sufficient motivation. Otherwise, the opponent makes unforced errors, opening up the opportunity to gain a large advantage. – You have to be the best version of yourself, and we did that in the first two sets – he said.

Despite the fact that we lost first 22:25, then 2325, said the Polish coach. However, in these games, we fought the opponents on equal footing. However, the real tragedy happened in the third and final game. “That’s what surprised me.

Nikola Grybić game in Poland-USA: We waited until this game was over

After Grbić lost two sets, he tried to influence his players so they would regain their heads and play 0-0. He lost.

“I wanted my opponents to earn every point, so they wouldn’t get anything for free.” failure A clue to me is that we are waiting for eight aces in a set to end the game. He explained that it was a good lesson for the future. According to him, in difficult moments, the key is concentration, which does not allow you to get out of rhythm. – If it’s not, the opponent gets five points, and that’s after the set – he concluded.

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