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Nikola Peltz in old photos. In life they did not recognize her! “It’s called having money.”

Nikola Peltz in old photos.  In life they did not recognize her!  "It's called having money."

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wedding reception Brooklyn Beckham And Nicoli PeltzWhat happened last week could undoubtedly be one of the most important social events in recent months. Since then, the media has been writing about the details of the bride and groom, in particular the daughter of a billionaire, who did not dance in the voice of the son of an English designer and footballer.

Who is Nicholas Peltz? Her father is a billionaire. She was dating Justin Bieber

One of the issues that is especially interesting for Internet users is the appearance of a newly baked wife. Fans are convinced girl A few years ago, she underwent a series of plastic surgeries.

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The greatest transformation of the stars. Some celebrities have changed beyond recognition

Nicola Peltz’s appearance has changed a lot in recent years. Is it a matter of surgical intervention in beauty?

Although netizens speculate on the model’s passion for aesthetic medicine treatments, she is silent as a magician. Three years ago, the popular Celebrity Plastics file, which aims to reveal the plastic surgery treatments that celebrities and celebrities have undergone, published a comparison of photos of a young woman BeckhamLooking at her transformation:

Nicola Peltz’s transformation is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like she underwent rhinoplasty, lip shaping and possibly a forehead lift. Her jawline looks great, although I’m sure it’s because of the many fillings!

Now the debate is gaining momentum again. A TikTok user posted a set of archival and current photos showing how they’ve changed Nicholas Peltz.

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There are several comments among the comments that although the interference with beauty is visible to the naked eye, the treatments have been done really well:

Her treatments were done perfectly.

This is called having money.

Wait, I didn’t realize it was the same person!

She did a rhinoplasty before she was fully formed.

There are even solos that the model once sounded like Jurgen Rodriguez.

Linda Evangelista, Courteney Cox, Heidi MontagFailed plastic surgery for the stars. Who regrets interfering with appearance?

And how do you think that Nicolas’ beauty is the work of nature or a good surgeon?

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