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Nima Calibabka from “Top Model” shows her true personality. Fans: “I love you on this TikTok” (video)

Nima Calibabka from "Top Model" shows her true personality.  Fans: "I love you on this TikTok" (video)

Blessing Kalibaba She gained fame due to her participation in the ninth edition of “Top Model”. The 18-year-old from Dziwnów joined the program with her brother Jacek. Already during the acting process, it turned out that the siblings had a rather interesting story …

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Turns out Gracja and Jacek are the sons of celebrities Jersey Kalibabawhich was “famous” in Poland as “Tulip”. The man was a criminal and a seducer. He cheated wealthy women, especially teens from good homes, and extorted cosmic money from them. It is estimated that the value of the items he stole could be up to 15 million PLN. In 1984, Tulipan was imprisoned, where he spent 9 years. After his release (as a result of the amnesty), he became engaged to another teenager and returned to Dziwnów, where he ran a vegetable shop. During all the years of seducing women, Kalibabka lived to see a total of … 28 children. He passed away in 2019.

Although Gracja and Jacek, due to their participation in “best model” Possessing such a “well-known” nickname, they had a good chance of gaining popularity on the Internet, but they could not quite do it, because they were quickly lost in the news. Despite this, Gracja does not lose hope and continues his attempt to be active in social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok. I recently posted a video on this second platform She showed her true and natural character, eloquently respond to the apparent comments of netizens that “With her current weight, she cannot be a model.”

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Kalibabka showed what her stomach looks like in a sitting position, which was met with a lot of positive comments.

beauty; Weight does not matter completely, focus on yourself and not on the opinions of others; You are beautiful; Thank you for TikTok; you were awsome; I love you on this TikTok; You are beautiful and weight does not matter – We read under the registry.

Check out the latest TikTok from Graces.

Sandra Mandra

2 hours. since

This is a huge problem for me, most of us are like this

Nice girl… last summer we were in Dziwnów and we often ate in the pub where she worked… (it was either their own pub or someone from their family) she was always smiling and kind to the guests…

The Big Problems of Tic Society

Instagram and reality are two different worlds…the latter is not perfect

She’s a “model” like her nun father! You can’t cheat your genes!

Recent Comments (35)

A completely worthless media girl. There is nothing to offer and no achievement or achievement that will carry you on your dead body. Her father is in the background.

beautiful girl. Especially in this blue jacket she looks good. And in these new Tik Tok pics, it’s only those green eyes that bother me. But I’m not an expert…

The worst thing is that the girl probably gained about 5 kg and there are already such comments, which is terrible. She is quite a fat person, but unfortunately in the world of photoshop and the world of lean Japanese women, some people’s minds have already changed… This is what a female body and a male body look like in this pose, I am a very skinny person and then when I sit I look like this; d this is normal!!!! Are you really tired of the fact that a girl who weighs about 50 kilograms will be called obese? Are you guys smart???

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Maybe the mother was beautiful, but the father was ugly, well, a girl who is not ugly, but distinguished by her father’s genes

Such genes…fear of fear, haha

Biotric get off. Go after Byata and stay away from the girl. She takes off her clothes gracefully alright??? We laughed.

My weight is less than 50kg but in this position I look practically the same and I don’t know someone who doesn’t look the same unfortunately but this is a terrible situation when it comes to pictures…but that’s how our bodies look when they simply bend and move..

She’s a “model” like her nun father! You can’t cheat your genes!

If she’s fat, what does this joe say we can’t all be the same. Everyone is different and that’s beautiful.

She liked her most of all the participants, besides her brother. Beloved people. Grace is a beautiful girl.

The Big Problems of Tic Society

Natural and when you wear it, it is beautiful. beautiful girl. I dream about this, but unfortunately. I live with my mother in a studio apartment and I am 50 years old. I have 60+ ladies like my mom. Verse ……. I am old and obese. poor fellow. Compassion. Sadnes.

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