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Nintendo Switch Sports review – Sony did it better

Nintendo Switch Sports review - Sony did it better


  1. The rules of play are learned quickly;
  2. Playing locally with friends, you can spend two or three hours having fun.


  1. The mini games are very simple – we get bored very quickly here;
  2. The game lacks a lot of content, and the promised free updates won’t change much;
  3. After two or three hours we already know all the attractions of the game and have no reason to go back to it;
  4. It is a significant regression compared to the previous version of the course;
  5. Ridiculous price for such content.

A set of five mini-games using motion controllers We Sports The year 2006 was a revolution that ensured the success of the Nintendo Wii console, opening the gaming world to a whole host of casual players (domestic bowling was very popular in, among other things, American retirement homes) and creating a fashion for mobile games. That was, however, 16 years ago. At the time, Nintendo and the competition weren’t sleeping. in 2009 We Sports It has a formula that has a strong expansion and offers many specialties We Sports Resort. A year later, Sony created a competitor Sports championswhich, in turn, was distinguished by its perfectly reproduced physics – to this day I would like to return to the variety of golf and gladiator battles presented here, which are still delightful in terms of realism. Against the background of these two games and many others – also those available on “Pstryczek” – Nintendo Switch Sports It turned out to be a huge step… backwards.

Mini games are very simple and quickly become boring.

Easy to learn, hard to learn… How difficult again?

Consists of Nintendo Switch Sports There are six action mini gamesWe can play solo with friends or online. These are volleyball, football, badminton, tennis, bowling and a variety of fencing called chanbara. Going back to the comparisons from the previous paragraph – this is the same as in Sports championsmore than the original We Sports And only half of what he gave We Sports Resort. Discipline 7 – Golf will be added to the collection as a free update at some point in time.

They are all designed to be easy to learn. Unfortunately, it has been bypassed, automating many aspects of the game and reducing them to the simplest, without any grounding for depth. For example, in bowling, we can decide the direction of the throw, but the way we perform this movement does not really matter. In badminton, tennis or volleyball, we focus almost exclusively on jumping at the right moment, with little or no effect on our character’s posture. As a result, the rules of the game are already mastered in trimiga, but at the same time we very quickly reach the highest level of skills and begin to get bored.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Sony Made It Even Better - Clarification #2

For me, soccer is the best little game out there. And I don’t even like football.

Only the chanbara, which requires careful monitoring of opponents’ movements and exploits their weaknesses, and the soccer ball, which allows you to use both motion controllers and gives you complete freedom to run around the field, provides more depth. Here, however, there is no doubt about the long hours of enjoyment – these are still very trivial mini-games. This simplicity can be accepted in the set that comes with the console for free We SportsBut the Japanese depend on it Nintendo Switch Sports As far as a very big game – in this category, when the competition, for example, is full of content mario golf super rush, The price seems to be inappropriate for the content offered.

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Sony Improved It - Clarification #3

Kick the ball

Nintendo Switch Sports It is sold in package with famous brand A ring fit for adventure A strap that allows you to attach the Joy-Cona to the leg. This function is currently only used in the special soccer mode, where we can shoot kariaki while actually swinging our leg. And like the standard soccer version here, it’s fun, this mode gets boring in no time. As part of the free update, squad support will be added to actual football at some point. Only then will it be more than just interesting news.

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Sony Made It Better - Clarification #4

It is best to play Nintendo Switch Sports with your friends.

Thank you lonely

The fun formats offered are also disappointing. The lonely will find nothing for themselves here – Just what Nintendo Switch Sports He has to submit to them, it’s a pointless sparring with AI. It’s best played locally with a group of friends, although, again, we only have the basic possibilities of playing one-on-one matches in one-on-one mini-games – no options to create tournaments or local events that can add color to the whole.

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what Nintendo Switch Sports Standing out from its predecessors, it is a grid mode. We are forced to test this, if we want to open up more interesting possibilities for customizing our avatar – the progression system that gives cosmetics works only in this variant of the game. The basic set of clothing turns out to be quite limited, so if it was important for us to express ourselves in the game, we would have to spend time facing other players around the world, whether we liked it or not. The web code works fine and I haven’t had any problems, although the options to communicate with others are so poor that it’s often hard to tell if we’re actually playing with other people or having bots behind them. Either way, the simplicity of the mini-games means that this form of gameplay quickly gets boring anyway – without my buddies waving next to me, with whom you can chat and laugh, it’s definitely not the same thing.

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Sony Made It Better - Clarification #5

In volleyball, it’s all about passing the console at the right moment.

Some disciplines have different forms of fun, but again, these changes affect the game much less than you’d like. In bowling, we can run into having obstacles on the tracks, but they are so easy to avoid that it doesn’t make a difference. Chanbara offers three types of skirmishes – Standard Weapons, Loaded Weapons, and Double Sword Weapons. On paper, this sounds like a nice diversion, but in practice, it means suddenly one more type of attack appears. The most interesting thing is football again, where we can play 1v1 or in 4v4 teams (and shoot karniaki shooting mode using leg tape, which I mention in the frame) – and only here the differences can be seen in reality.

Not enough for a big match

everything in Nintendo Switch Sports There is not enough – Specializations, fun variants, attractions for lonely people and, above all, depth. We can’t even count on any visual diversions – matches are always played on the same stadiums, stadiums or arenas. As it happens with Nintendo, everything works as it should, and we do not experience technical errors, the motion controllers correctly register our fluctuations. But what if two or three hours of entertainment is enough, if we have a group of friends on hand – and much less when we play alone or online.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Sony Improved It - Clarification #6

If we did not do a little programming online, the possibilities to customize our avatar would be very poor.

Therefore, in its current form, I cannot recommend this combination. There is no shortage of the best games on the Switch, whether they are team games (Mario Golf Super Rush, Super Mario Party, Snipperclips), or focus on using motion controllers (again Mario Golfbut also A ring fit for adventure if Boxing Fitness 2). Nintendo Switch Sports It does nothing better than the above. Compared to its predecessors or with Sports champions Sony is just poor. This game was supposed to be released 5 years ago and offered as a free add-on for Nintendo Switch buyers, as it has been supported for 16 years We Sports. As a standalone product, it is sold at the price of a large toy, Nintendo Switch Sports It just doesn’t work.

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I like action games a lot – I’m currently starting out mainly on PlayStation 3 Sports champions Or some rail shooters. You’ve achieved victories on PlayStation VR VR Box And Saber wonYou’ve played more than any other virtual reality game combined. I spent many hours on the Switch with Fit the ringAnd boxing fitness or string just dance. And each of these titles gave me more fun than that Nintendo Switch Sports. I write and talk about popular culture on your Twitter account.


We received a copy of the game for free from ConQuest Entertainment, Nintendo’s distributor for the Polish market.

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