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Nioh developers are working on Final Fantasy Origins for PS5 and PC - rumors continue

Nioh developers are working on Final Fantasy Origins for PS5 and PC – rumors continue

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May 24, 2021, 21:24

More rumors have surfaced about Final Fantasy that have not yet been announced. The game is localized Origins and inspired by the Dark Souls series. Responsible for its development is the responsibility of the Nioh Team Ninja series. Initially, it will move to PS5, but later it will arrive on PC.

A few days ago We have written about rumors related to another side issue Final Fantasy. Then there is only an indication that such a title exists and it will be exclusive to PS5. Now, however, more unofficial information about Square Enix production has reached the internet. They show that the game will be called Final Fantasy OriginsZ and its development will be known Siri Newh Team Ninja. The premiere will eventually take place on PS5, but later on PC as well.

The source of the leak is French company SoulsHunt, which posts information about the gaming industry on Twitter. This shows his entry and the video posted on YouTube Final Fantasy Origins It will be a soul-like game. Borona on j do Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They also confirmed that the title will be officially announced during this year’s E3.

These words were also confirmed by former Game Informer editor Imran Khan, Who has already shared with us some verified information (including Fr. Demon Spirits release date). Navtra, a first source of rumor about the title, is also compatible with SoulsHunt lyrics. In the forum user Reset He made it clear, however, that the game would be inspired by the series Evil spirits.

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Team Ninja’s collaboration with Square Enix isn’t exactly incredible. The two companies have already collaborated on producing games from the series Final Fantasy. As a result, he appeared, among other things Decidia Final Fantasy NT.

Please note, these are still just rumors. Although Imran Khan and Naftar can be considered reliable sources, their statements still need to be corrected. E3 is getting close, so soon all revelations need to be verified.

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