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Nirgal showed an as yet unpublished photo with Duda of 12 years ago. The description draws attention

Nirgal showed an as yet unpublished photo with Duda of 12 years ago.  The description draws attention

will add Some time ago she was cleaning the wardrobe. At the bottom of the wardrobe I found a T-shirt with the Behemoth logo on itLed by her ex-fiancé Nirgal. Adam Darsky and Dorota Rabitciuska They were a couple from 2009 to 2011. The singer was supposed to break up with Duda. As she revealed in an interview, she did so over the phone on Women’s Day. Angry will add Then she burned things belonging to her ex-partner. It seems that years later, Nergal took away memories. He posted a picture on Instagram with his ex-fiancée.

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Duda – quick snapshots. The man with or without a beard?

Nirgal posted a picture with Duda 12 years ago. useful description

Nirgal He did not participate with Duda in a friendly atmosphere. A surprising photo appeared on the singer’s Instagram, where you can see Rabczewska. The frame was presented 12 years ago at one of the concerts in Warsaw:

Bach! 12 years ago, he was behind the scenes of the Big 4 (Big 5?) concert in Warsaw. Richard Lucifer, who runs the Behemoth fan page on FB, was a huge fan of my ex, as it seemed at the time. Does my face say it all? – The singer wrote.

And fans in the comments did not hide their surprise with the singer’s sudden memories. However, there were voices claiming that Duda and Nirgal formed a harmonious couple.

It will always add beauty.

Don’t forget what I did for you.

I’ve always loved you together – we read.

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It is worth noting that there was a time when the musician and the support he received from his beloved were vocal about his cancer. Doda also used her contacts to help him spread the problem and encourage potential bone marrow donors to register in the database, which she was able to do. Bone marrow donor has been found not only by Nergal, but also by thousands of other people.

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