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No consensus – Biznes Wprost

No consensus - Biznes Wprost

Russia will not be excluded from the G20 group – otherwise. The U.S. Treasury Secretary said there was no political consensus on the issue.

Russia still has allies. They are world powers

According to the US Secretary of the Treasury, during the meeting of the G20 delegation yesterday, representatives of the United States, Canada and European countries ignored the appearance of the Russian delegation. However, countries that welcome a delegate from the Kremlin include China and India. According to Janet Yellen, this is a clear signal of support for Russia’s remaining in the G20.

Russia’s participation in this group is likely to have an impact on some of the decisions made by the world’s largest economies. However, the presence of the Kremlin in the delegation was highly unfavorable to countries condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that Russia has already been excluded (actually suspended) from the group of G8 countries.

The G20 continues with Russia. What is a team?

The G20 and in fact the G19 + EU are intended to discuss common monetary policy. Talks on this subject in such a broad group to prevent global crises. Interestingly, although the EU has sent its delegates to the G20 summit, the three richest nations in the community, Germany, France and Italy, are also taking the field separately. The structure includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India or Russia.

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