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No more waiting on your phone. Don’t mess with the helplines

No more waiting on your phone.  Don't mess with the helplines

Tired of hanging out on the phone and talking to the pay phone? Spain also has, and continues to introduce, a new law that will end this problem once and for all.

Tired of waiting for hours for someone to answer the phone? Annoyed by chatbots and the introduction of paid helplines? The Spaniards were also annoyed by this. So Madrid changed the law.

No more talking to the pay phone and hanging on the phone

Now there will be an obligation to preserve it Free HelplineI am, but this is not the end. must be active 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Any caller will have to get back to the caller within three minutes real advisor (No vending machine). It will also not be possible to send customers to separate paid helplines.

There is one catch. The law applies to the companies you deal with Basic services and media or work in Utilities sector. However, this is a huge step forward.

In case of non-compliance with the new law, the company will pay a fine of 150 to 10,000 euros. In the event that the delay in dealing with the caller ends, for example, with a serious accident, the fine will increase to 100,000 euros.

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Image source: shutterstock

Text source: Guardian

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