October 21, 2021

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Nord Stream 2. Filling the first line of the pipeline with gas has begun

Nord Stream 2. Filling the first line of the pipeline with gas has begun

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Nord Stream 2: When you don’t know what money is?

Nord Stream 2 AG announced on October 4 that filling procedures have begun Gas The first line of the gas pipeline. The thread will be gradually filled with raw materials to reach the required size and pressure. After obtaining the specified parameters, technical tests will start – We read in the company’s announcement. Interfax adds that Gas It is pressed into the first thread so that the quality and strength tests of the structure can be completed. Earlier, internal and external inspections of the gas pipeline were carried out with the help of special devices.

The first line of the pipeline Nord Stream 2 It must be pre-filled with gas before the start of delivery of this raw material. According to Bloomberg, citing the Danish Energy Agency, this gas pipeline has all the necessary certificates and can be commissioned. The second thread does not yet meet all the requirements.

Nord Stream 2 construction completed. “7:45 Poland time”

Poland wants to investigate Gazprom’s market manipulation

From the beginning, Poland objected to the construction of the pipeline located at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Polish experts believe that this investment poses a threat to energy security European Union. In mid-September this year. In a letter to the European Commission, a group of more than 40 MEPs demanded an urgent investigation into the activities of Gazprom. Representatives accuse Russia’s monopoly of market manipulation and blackmail with the aim of forcing approval to operate Nord Stream 2. Among them were both members. pesand opposition representatives.

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GazpromLaw and Justice and the opposition together against Gazprom. They are asking the commission to open an investigation

The findings of the Brussels correspondent for Polish radio, Beata Płomecka, show that Title grow Sin Energy is expected to be shown on Tuesday at the informal summit in the Slovenian city of Brdo. This issue will be raised by several countries. Poland points out that it is the restrictions on Russian gas supplies that are driving up gas prices, and therefore believes that the matter should be dealt with by the European Commission, and more specifically by experts from the Competition Directorate.