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Nord Stream 2. Zelensky encourages US to adopt sanctions

Nord Stream 2. Zelensky encourages US to adopt sanctions

“Europe’s gas blackmail must stop forever. We are grateful to the House of Representatives [Reprezentantów] To include an amendment to the NDAA that would stop Nord Stream 2. We ask all friends of Ukraine and Europe in the US Senate to support this amendment at the Senate level,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

President Ukrainian state This is how the Defense Budget Amendment (NDAA) passed in September, which would eliminate the possibility of management deviating from enforcement of sanctions against the company, is indicated. Nord Stream 2 AG and its president Matthias Warnig, a close friend of Vladimir Putin. The Biden administration withdrew from imposing sanctions, arguing that it would not stop the project, citing its desire to maintain good relations with Germany.

This is a way to prevent the gas pipeline from being launched, the editor’s writer, Marcy Kaptur of the Democratic Party, said earlier.

On Thursday, a group of Republican senators headed by Senator Ted Cruz submitted a similar amendment by the Senate.

“The Biden administration risks creating a generational geopolitical catastrophe for the United States by allowing the launch of Nord Stream 2,” Cruz said.

– I call on colleagues on both sides to reiterate once again the consensus between the parties (…) and to impose sanctions – he added.

Despite criticism of NS2 among politicians of both parties, it is unclear whether the amendment will eventually be adopted — just as it is unclear whether imposing sanctions will be able to shut down the gas pipeline. Although Nord Stream 2 construction has been completed, certification by the German regulator and European Commission approval of the tube will take several more months.

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Zelensky’s tweet is another appeal from Ukraine on this. The issue was also raised during a meeting of the US and Ukrainian diplomatic chiefs on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced during a press conference that Russia is using gas as a weapon against Europe and stated that Germany should take measures against Russia. In an agreement signed between the United States and Germany in the summer, the two countries pledged to take action — including sanctions — against Moscow if Russia uses gas as a weapon.

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