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North Korea is facing a food shortage. 172 farmers ordered a kilogram of bananas urinating | News from the world

North Korea is facing a food shortage.  172 farmers ordered a kilogram of bananas urinating |  News from the world

The main causes of acute food shortage in korea night closed for pandemic Borders, international sanctions and massive flooding.

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The mysterious “disappearance” of Kim Jong-un raises many questions: where was the dictator of North Korea and what else do we not know?

High prices in North Korea. Some products cost up to 10 times more than they did before the epidemic

Kim Jong-un has warned that North Korea is struggling to maintain its food stocks, and that the prices of basic commodities are rising. The North Korean economy has always been in poor health due to numerous international sanctions related to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The country is struggling to feed its citizens and facing a shortage of produce, and the epidemic has worsened in recent months COVID-19. Prices are rising, a kilogram of bananas costs $ 45, or about 172 PLN – writes

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North Korea addicted to chin When it comes to food, fertilizer and fuel, the border with this country remains closed. In previous years, the value of imports from China ranged between 2.5 billion US dollars and 3.5 billion US dollars annually. In 2020, that amount was less than $500 million. In addition, fewer ships have arrived at Nampo, Korea’s main trading hub, in recent weeks.

North Korea. Farmers should urinate to help control the situation

The situation in North Korea is so dire that farmers are required to urinate two liters every day to help produce fertilizer. Radio Free Asia.

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“People’s food situation is now tense as the agricultural sector failed to implement its grain plan due to the damage caused by last year’s typhoon,” Kim Jong-un said. The series of cyclones that hit the country last summer caused floods that destroyed thousands of homes and inundated farmland.

In response to the ordeal, Tomas Ojea Quintana, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in North Korea, told the Security Council: ONZShe wrote that she should consider lifting sanctions against this country Reuters. Elizabeth Pierce, a spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Program, told reporters that more than 10 million citizens, or 40 percent of North Korea’s population, need humanitarian assistance. The United Nations program hopes to reach 1.2 million people this year with food rations.

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North Koreans have faced extreme poverty for years. Assessing the situation in the country is difficult because of the censorship imposed by the regime. According to the United Nations, North Korea is violating human rights on a large scale. The regime is also accused of restricting citizens’ access to food, keeping them in concentration and labor camps, and using torture, as well as mass discrimination and unjustified arrests. North Koreans are not allowed to leave the country freely.

During the first North Korean famine (1995-1999), up to 2.5 million people died. Then the regime accepted foreign aid, but denied food shortages.

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