September 21, 2021

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North Korea launched ballistic missiles

North Korea launched ballistic missiles

Remember, over the weekend, North Korea successfully tested long-range cruise missiles. During the tests conducted on Saturday and Sunday after two years of research, the missiles flew by a thousand. The agency stated that 500 km before they hit their targets.

The agency asserts that in recent years, North Korea has made rapid progress in developing long-range cruise missiles, “weapons of great strategic importance” with high deterrent potential.

The development of missiles ensures “the possession of more effective means of deterrence to ensure the security of our country more reliably and severely limits the military maneuvers of enemy forces” – wrote the Central News Agency.

As AFP points out, despite numerous international sanctions, North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Un has significantly increased its military capabilities. Pyongyang has conducted, inter alia, several successfully tested nuclear and ballistic missile tests capable of reaching the United States.

At the January conference of the ruling party, Kim Jong-un announced more nuclear weapons and the building of “the most powerful military force.” Pyongyang accuses Washington and Seoul of hostile intent and insists that nuclear and missile weapons protect it from invasion.


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