June 19, 2021

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North Stream 2 and the United States are lifting sanctions.  Zbigniew Rau: We are waiting for America's explanations

North Stream 2 and the United States are lifting sanctions. Zbigniew Rau: We are waiting for America’s explanations

“I and other ministers learned from the media about the change in the US position on sanctions on companies that make up North Stream 2,” Foreign Minister Gbigniew Rao said in Riga on Thursday. “We are waiting for the US to clarify this matter,” he added.

Guru Murnis. He then held bilateral talks with his Latvian representative Edgar Ringevich. Bilateral relations, including North Stream 2, expressed concern about security and energy in the region.

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“We are waiting for American explanations”

The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry told reporters in Riga that he would refrain from imposing the US administration’s decision. Restrictions on companies involved in North Stream 2 construction He cannot enjoy the understanding and support of the Polish side.

The gas pipeline is politically divisive among EU and NATO members as it paves the way for the implementation of Germany’s economic interests, intertwined with Russia’s interests, and its cost to the region, including Ukraine and Poland.

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“When we made contact with the current US administration, I personally assured Secretary of State Anthony Blingen that nothing would happen to us without us and that all decisions would be discussed,” Rao said. “I, but not only myself, but other ministers in our part of Europe have learned in practice from the media about changing this situation,” he added.

“Nortstream 2 threatens Europe’s energy security”US Embassy in Warsaw

The minister said it was “surprising” that politicians from other parts of Europe were being consulted by the US administration over security in the East. – This is not a model of cooperation, we are waiting for the US explanations in this matter – said. – In our view, no one in Poland has changed their mind about North Stream 2 – they should consider that they may become unbelievable – said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nortstream and Nortstream 2 gas pipe connectionsBAP / Adam Siminovich

“Poland will not change its mind”

Raw was also asked whose voice Poland could have at the NATO summit on Monday, June 14. In Georgia, President Andrzej Duda has reaffirmed his support for the country’s pro-European, pro-NATO aspirations, while similar announcements have been made to Ukraine.

– Poland does not change its mind when it comes to the basic component of NATO policy, namely open door policy. We were supporters of such a policy. When we talk about open doors, we mean primarily our eastern neighbors, ”Rao said. He assessed that it is not possible to form a consensus on this issue today. – This is a very dramatic moment, in this political galaxy, with the course of events and events like this, we can not solve this problem – said.

As he stressed, Ukraine still has the right to defend itself against real threats, but the UN According to the charter, it has the right to expect support and to ask other countries for such support. “Everything indicates that this support does not represent an immediate Atlantic perspective,” he said.

Zbigniew Rau, Minister of Foreign AffairsPAP / Leszek Szymański

Minister Raw was asked about US President Joe Biden’s invitation to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky to visit the White House in the summer, but only after Biden met with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. – This is a good decision when calling President Zhelensky. Only the sequence of these meetings is undoubtedly wrong – he estimated.

Biden on Russia: America will respond dynamically and meaningfullyENEX

Key Photo Source: PAP / Leszek Szymański

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