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North Stream 2. The United States has introduced sanctions against Russia

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United States: Russia imposes sanctions on NS2, three companies and 13 ships

Russia’s maritime rescue service, which participated in the construction of the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline, has imposed sanctions on three companies and 13 ships, according to the U.S. Treasury Department’s website.

The list of sanctions dated May 21 includes the following: the Maritime Rescue Service (MORSPOS), three companies – Mortranswiz, the Somerskiz Typoenergedeskis Imusquestwinez Fund (Samara got the heat and power property) and Coxschimtrons – as well as 13 ships. .

See: President of Ukraine: Lifting sanctions against NS2 would be a disaster for US and Biden

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US move to announce sanctions against North Stream 2 should be seen in the context of a planned meeting of the leaders of the two countries.

“We have to look at it, it’s always the same with our colleagues. They say one thing and do another,” Peskov told Interfax when asked if Moscow would consider Washington’s action during a meeting with Vladimir Putin at Joe Biden. “We’ll see what works best for us,” he added.

The State Department said in a statement to Congress on Wednesday that it would not impose sanctions on the company overseeing the Nortstream 2 pipeline system. The resort confirmed that Nortstream AG and its boss, Matthias Warnick, were involved. Sanctions under US law. However, he explained that the United States was withdrawing from them “in the national interest.”

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