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North Stream 2. US President Joe Biden on Sanctions

North Stream 2. US President Joe Biden on Sanctions

When I became president, the pipeline connection was almost ready. US President Joe Biden said the imposition of sanctions now would have the opposite effect on the context of our European relations, when asked about the imposition of sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

During a press conference in the gardens of the White House, Biden spoke about the sanctions on companies that build North Stream 2 gas pipelines.

Asked why he was allowing Germany and Russia to proceed with the construction of the North Stream 2, Biden replied: “First, the pipeline is almost ready. It’s not like the Germans are allowed to do anything. Personally, I was against Nord Stream 2 (construction – version) from the beginning. When I became president, the pipeline connection was almost ready. Now the imposition of sanctions will backfire in the context of our European relations. Our allies in Europe know my personal position on this matter. We hope we can find a way to make further progress in this situation.

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Congressmen split over North Stream 2

On May 19, the State Department announced to the US Congress that the president would not impose sanctions on the company overseeing the construction of the North Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. It was motivated by national security reasons. The decision sparked criticism from members of the US Congress.

Republican congressmen believe that Putin was gifted by Joe Biden, who will soon meet with the Russian president, writes dpa. In turn, Democrats point out that the White House is doing everything it can to “improve the atmosphere of confidence in Donald Trump’s catastrophic policy against Berlin, which has damaged German-American relations.”

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The two strands of the 1,200 km long Nort Stream 2 marine gas pipeline are almost complete. According to official data, in the case of the first line 13.9 km and 16.8 km – only a part is missing in the German sea. At the same time, the White House emphasizes that it fully understands the fears of Central European countries that the North Stream 2 continent could become economically and politically dependent on Russia.

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