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Norway. Russian against the war. It annoyed the diplomats

Norway.  Russian against the war.  It annoyed the diplomats

The case was handled by the Barents Observer. The newspaper also describes Russians living in Norwegian Kirkins – on the border with Russia – Opposing the war in Ukraine And the Kremlin’s criminal plans.

How? The newspaper focuses on the protest it organized on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day Anton Kalinin. man He decided to paint his truck yellow and blue (National colors of Ukraine – ed.) The inscriptions include: “stop the war” And the “stop Putin“.

“Visitors to Kirkenes should see that we are against war, against Putin and his regime,” Kalinin emphasized in an interview with the “Barents Observer”. As he added, Residents must also raise Ukrainian flags Throughout the city, especially in the vicinity of the border crossing and at the entrance to the city.

To encourage Russians living in Norway man He drove the painted truck to the Russian consulate in KirkensWhere a spontaneous demonstration went out against the war in Ukraine. This was supposed to infuriate the Russian diplomats who were inside the building.

“There is a war in the middle of Europe, and Russia is the aggressor. Many Russians visiting Kirkenes today feel that everything is fine and that there is no war.”

However, not everyone has the same opinion as Kalinin. As Natalia Solyanek says, Not all Kerkensians are against Russia’s war with UkraineAnd many who do not support the Kremlin are afraid to talk about it.

“Although many have lived here for a long time, They are afraid– emphasizes the woman.

And as Solyanek, one of the faces of the anti-war movement in Kirkens, adds, Only 30 people participated in the demonstration outside the Russian Consulate, including about 10 Norwegians. “Many of my friends and people I know support me and oppose the war, but they don’t have the courage to come here to prove it because they have relatives in Russia and they still travel to Russia,” the woman explains.

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