July 28, 2021

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Norway.  Tourists found 2 million crowns.  They have been hidden in an "uninteresting cave" |  world News

Norway. Tourists found 2 million crowns. They have been hidden in an “uninteresting cave” | world News

On Saturday, Ole Besberg and a friend headed into the woods near Musimarca in the southeast. Norway. The men wanted to check if the place was suitable for spending time with their families. While wandering, they come across a cave that was used by the Norwegian resistance movement during World War II as a cache of weapons.

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– The cave was narrow and not very pleasant. However, we wandered, having no idea what awaits us – Bisseberg reported us to the gate VG.no.

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Norway. 2 million crowns hidden in the woods. The investigators took over

A friend of Oli, whose name was not revealed to the media, said that he was near the old woman cave Ignite the call of adventure. The men began to wonder what might happen in the area and whether there were any wartime elements. They decided to look into the area and picked up stones. Soon, they find a slot with a bag full of money. Inside, there were four tape-recorded packages, in which the 1999 NOK 500 and 1,000 NOK banknotes were hidden. The explorers took it treasure Home. After reviewing the contents of the bag, Bisberg estimated that the total number was about two million crowns.

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inform the men the police They took the officers to where they found the money. Krepos, an organized crime agency, was involved in the case. Based on banknote serial numbers, DNA and fingerprints, investigators will verify whether the money is linked to a crime.

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