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Not a cold, not the flu. This is the most common reason for medical visits – Zdrowie Wprost

Not a cold, not the flu.  This is the most common reason for medical visits - Zdrowie Wprost

The expert noted that surgical robots, which are also used in spine surgery, are being used more and more in Poland. “Surgical robots provide a significant improvement in the safety of operating patients. Because these devices are intended for patients and not for physicians, we do not have any ease in using them.

Spine diseases in Poland

a. Robert Jacek, chief of the Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Clinic and Clinic at the National Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation in Warsaw, noted that different types of spinal diseases are the most common reason for GP surgeries. This is indicated in the 2019 report on the health of the population of Poland.

Low back pain is the most common, with almost 26% complaining about it in 2019. Our fellow citizens. More than 16 percent of Poles suffer from neck pain, about 16 percent. He has middle back pain, 15.5 percent. He suffers from osteoporosis. In general, the majority of the population of our country refers to back pain.

Not all diseases of the spine require specialized treatment, and often adequate rehabilitation is sufficient. According to the professor. Robert Jask only 3-4 per cent. Patients with these diseases require surgery. However, this percentage increases with age. “In the group of people over 45 years old, diseases of the spine were cited as one of the most common reasons for surgery” – he noted.

He pointed out that it is wrong to undergo surgery only as a last resort, because the more advanced the disease, the more difficult it is to treat. Surgery is also more complicated, if it is still possible at all. Unfortunately, patients often report it to the doctor too late.

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How do you treat the spine? The robot is useful

The specialist emphasized that different types of spine surgery treatments are offered, depending on the type of disease. Operations using robots are a huge advance. Its advantage is that it increases the accuracy of operations, for example those that require the implantation of spinal stabilization implants. Some operations rely on precise insertion of screws through the vertebrae and into the columns. It is very important then not to damage other structures, especially nerves. Millimeter shifts can lead to paralysis.

Much depends on the experience of the surgeon and the changes in the spine that occurred in a particular patient. The data provided by the specialist shows that in the case of traditional surgery, called the “free hand” technique, the risk of incorrectly positioning the implants in patients undergoing surgery is up to 75%. up to 98 percent

“Using a robot reduces the risk of an incorrect implant site to less than 0-2 percent.” The professor argued. Robert Gaske. Since there are fewer complications after such a robotic procedure, the patient’s recovery time is also shorter. “In addition, it helps reduce blood loss and the number of injuries after surgery,” he added. This is due to the fact that operations performed using robots may be less invasive – they do not require such a large dissection of tissues as in conventional surgery, which is performed only under the supervision of the eye and the surgeon’s hand.

Various types of surgical robots are used in spinal surgery. The first working robot of this type will be launched in Poland in December 2022 at the Tarnow Hospital. “Robots are not a panacea for everything, we need different methods and tools for surgery. Surgical robots are designed for a specific group of patients. They make it possible to perform surgery on those patients who would not otherwise have surgery ”- believes the professor. Robert Gaske.

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