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Not all roads lead to Rome. The Ferrari Roma driver knows something about this [WIDEO]

Not all roads lead to Rome.  The Ferrari Roma driver knows something about this [WIDEO]

The Ferrari Roma is a completely new model in the manufacturer’s presentation bearing the name of the Italian capital. The beautiful big touring car has a twin-turbo V8 engine and dimensions that can complicate life with a little negligence.

Ferrari Roma is the smallest car in the manufacturer’s show

ten new ferrari model Fitted with a body-color radiator grille and low-profile longitudinal headlights. As the name of the part suggests, the Grand Tourer includes sightseeing that is sure to get you there.

However, if you want to explore a city known for its narrow streets with it, it can be more complicated than you think. The owner of the silver discovered it Ferrari Roma who succeeded Get stuck somewhere tight in Italy. It is not known how long the car was stuck between the walls of the buildings, but it was clear that it did not get out unscathed.

Post a recording of this event at YouTuber SupercarsNews. As you can see in someone’s video, he tried to help the driver, but at the same time he triedbow to the driver to go further.

Ferrari Roma has a width of about 2 meters and a length of more than 4, which means that it does not feel comfortable in the narrow streets. Apparently, just a coincidence and a lack of knowledge of the city contributed to the driver’s error.

Due to the fact that this is a new car, it will not be difficult to find parts. The car will likely be insured, so the driver will not have to pay everything out of his own pocket.

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