September 21, 2021

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Note for sale in stores.  UOKiK prepares for changes to commercial law

Note for sale in stores. UOKiK prepares for changes to commercial law

Most common violations encountered Yukik In the context of seasonal sales, it means canceling orders and misleading as to the terms of sale and creating the appearance of attractiveness of the promotion, while the price is the same or even higher than during normal purchases. The legal changes prepared the implementation of the so-called blanket directive is to eliminate situations in which sellers artificially inflate the prices of goods or services before the application of discounts, in order to encourage us to buy at an allegedly high discount later – explained UOKiK President Tomasz Chróstny, quoted in the message.

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UOKiK is preparing to make changes to the law

According to the published project On the website of the Center for Governmental LegislationSellers will be required to report the price before discounting. This will apply to both products and services.

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The solution included in the invoice assumes that the entrepreneur is obligated to inform consumers of the lowest price for a particular product in the last 30 days. It will not be possible to use the mechanism of artificially raising prices a week or two before the sale in order to later brag about price reductions, and the consumer will know the true size of the reduction – explained the head of UOKiK

Penalties for unreliable sellers

if entrepreneur Unreliably reports prices, the trade inspection may apply penalties of up to 20,000 PLN, and in case of repeated violations up to 40,000 PLN. On the other hand, if the scale of the phenomenon is widespread and the collective interests of consumers are infringed, the head of the UOKiK may impose a penalty of up to 10%. The annual sales volume of the businessman.

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As mentioned by UOKiK, consumers buy at sales in other countries European Union They have the same rights as in Poland. In some EU countries, the law sets a maximum sale term – for example in France or Luxembourg it is one month during each summer and winter season, and in Portugal four months per year. During the sale, the European Consumer Center in Poland notes Consumer Reports regarding, among other things, the problem of replacing a defective product, especially when purchased at a very competitive price. Sellers prefer a refund rather than delivering a new item already available at the regular price.