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Note: Patrick Vega showed off a biopic trailer for a movie with Ravi Zawercha! There is a wild sex and metaphor of birds… (WIDEO)

Note: Patrick Vega showed off a biopic trailer for a movie with Ravi Zawercha!  There is a wild sex and metaphor of birds... (WIDEO)

One might risk saying so Patrick Vega Which is for the Polish movie Blanca Lipinska It is for Polish literature. Both artists are of similar “sensitivity”, reaching millions of recipients to the astonishment of disgusted critics. However, Blanca appears to be more modest. She openly admits that the spelling rules are completely alien to her and does not consider herself a full-fledged writer, while Vega has already declared that she will not learn anything when created in Poland, which is why she is trying to beat Hollywood.

As part of a kind of farewell to my compatriots vega He made his last film – as he promises – in Polish. This time he was inspired by his own life, because the picture is supposed to be a cinematic autobiography zurocha lift championship. Even before the first preview was released, Vega described the film as A story about the struggle between darkness and light.. Now, however, we can be sure there’s another mass trail waiting for us, covered in a mountain of cocaine and burning car wrecks.

The rest of the article is below the video

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I finished working as a director. I don’t know what to do with my life. Wasn’t it all? I have a series of disasters behind me – Says Zawierucha/Vega in the first seconds of the trailer.

At some point – somewhere between a shootout and a crash – we hear the hoarse voice of an unidentified person from outside. We got a metaphor from ornithology. Taking into account the depth of the idea presented, it can be assumed that the manager himself is responsible for it. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you: the inspirational sentence has already been put into place in every way by all kinds of “motivational speakers”.

The only bird that attacks the eagle is the crow. You sit on it and click on it. And do you know what the eagle does? She doesn’t fight him. He does not run away, but rises higher and higher. Finally, let’s go to the crow, because he sees that this is a high level for him – We listen in amazement, wondering if Vega’s ego is able to reach the level of said eagle? Maybe so.

You can see the first preview of the new Vega ‘working’ below. Be careful: you do this at your own risk.

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I need someone…

56 minutes ago

It’s so embarrassing that I had to write it xD

You really imagine buying a ticket for this… Shame at the box office

Mr. Vega, what about Egypt?

His path to himself would be a very long… very long.

Recent Comments (35)

I am waiting for some secret tralaprojekt from Vega. Fabijński as Fabijański in the main role. It will be his role in life.

Let him make a movie about the ventilator dealer

I see that people are so stifled, afraid to speak the truth out loud, locked in their homes silently like mice that the pradwda that Vega appears frightens them,,,, People want to be deceived and they don’t want anything against it act, don’t want to get rid of it,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the entry will be deleted because you can only swear to vege,

No words to comment on…

This is the “profession” of our stars. They go abroad to Hollywood to pick up the biggest movie names by their side, brag about it left and right, and then come back to pursue a career with Pepper from Vega XD. I don’t even know how to comment on that.

I like his films, even though they are sharp, tacky, and corny. Either you like Vega or you don’t. Don’t like it, don’t watch it, it’s easy

pony pony 🦄

27 minutes ago

Will there be a theme 💩👸?

Something wrong, maybe he doesn’t speak Korean?

A few years ago (for a few minutes) I watched the movie “This is Vega” about cops in a police station. She’s spewing bottom, bottom, like a Blanca sex bomb. Much.

The guy made a film about himself that would block the rich Most of the festivities lay on Instagram, creating his dream, a fictional life there, and Vega, so as not to collapse himself, immediately made a movie.

Kind of like his former XDDDDD to be like this

I thought Sharknado 6 was the worst I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t

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