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Nowy Sącz: Pink prefers a preventative treatment. Breast Health Day [ZDJĘCIA] | Nowy Sącz, Breast Health Day, European League Donna

Nowy Sącz: Pink prefers a preventative treatment.  Breast Health Day [ZDJĘCIA] |  Nowy Sącz, Breast Health Day, European League Donna

Everyone who came to “The Late Nightingale” had the opportunity to learn many interesting things. Among other things, how important is breast cancer prevention, how to eat healthy, what diet to focus on, and how to take care of your skin in the fall and winter. You can also check your blood sugar and measure your blood pressure. From research done by women Danuta Piotrovska I Janina Shack Barnowska About 60 people used it. but that is not all. Twenty-six women registered for mammography and 17 women registered for spirometry.

On Breast Health Day, pink was the dominant color on Sącz Farms and at ‘Late Nightingale’, as it is the color against breast cancer.

This year’s celebrations in Nowy Sącz were attended by many people, associations and institutions, including: EUROPA DONNA in Nowy Sącz, Café “Late Nightingale”, members of the Women’s Forum, ADM coaches and dancers. Dance School, Diabetes Association, Amazons of Sudeiki, Several Companies, Health Nutrition and Cosmetics Specialists, Juniors from High School #1, Seniors from Millennium Ownership.

EUROPA DONNA MEMBERS Piata Frolish I Katarzyna Sukoska With ADM’s Anita, Emilka and Natalia, they treated passersby with beautiful, ripe apples and distributed flyers on breast cancer, encouraging people to enter “Late Nightingale” and participate in this year’s Breast Health Day festivities.

Among the women who met the organizers of the Nowy Sącz celebrations on the farms, there were also those who had breast cancer and were undergoing treatment, or one of their relatives had this disease.

Anyone who has visited “The Late Nightingale” can speak to EUROPA DONNA members about breast cancer prevention, risk factors and the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle in the fight against this disease. Women can remember or see what a breast self-exam looks like and do it as a placebo under the supervision of Beata Frohlich of Europa Donna.

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Those who are interested in healthy eating can benefit from the advice of the Lord Ewa Gro Jekoviak Certified Nutritionist. There was also something for the body, a table full of the healthy gifts of nature.

Everyone can taste, among other things, pumpkin juice or delicious cookies prepared by Katarzina Sukoska from Chata za Wsią. You can also consult a cosmetologist about how to care for your skin in the fall and winter.

Friday’s “Breast Health Lifestyle” meeting was a reminder that exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet can help women protect their breast health.

[email protected], Photo: EUROPA DONNA Association.

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