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Numbers and quality can be matched

Numbers and quality can be matched
  • About 10,000 students began their medical studies on October 1, which, as the Ministry of Health asserts, is a record result for several decades.
  • The medical community is alarming that the opening of new colleges raises doubts about the quality of education, and that a sudden increase in admission limits will end in “production of doctors for export”
  • The Ministry of Health responds that a similar lively discussion occurred when universities began educating doctors
  • – Today we have the first graduates from the Universities of Opole, Zielona Gora, Rzeszow and Kielce. Students from Zielona Góra pass on their first attempt the final medical examination – explained the Deputy Minister of Health Piotr Bromber during the 18th Health Market Forum
  • He stressed that most of the new medical colleges are opening their doors at universities that have experience in managing medical colleges, as they have previously taught physiotherapists, paramedics, nurses and midwives.

From 2023, new standards for education in medicine

In October, a record number of students began their studies in medicine. The Ministry of Health is talking about a historic success, and the medical community doubts that the growing number of new universities educating doctors will not reduce the quality of teaching. What has been the increase in the number of universities teaching in the fields of medicine, medicine and dentistry over the years?
According to Renk Zdroje, Liaison Office of the Ministry of Health, in the 2013/2014 semester, there were 12 of them, currently at 24. From the next academic year, this number will increase even more.

– I remember a lively discussion when new universities opened the field of medicine. Today we have the first graduates from the Universities of Opole, Zielona Gora, Rzeszow and Kielce. In the case of the students from Zielona Góra, they passed the final medical exam better. The discussion was not easy at the time, but we now have confirmation that it is possible to educate well – said Peter Bromber during the 18th Health Market Forum.

The Deputy Minister of Health emphasized that “in order to counteract doubts about new trends, a team was formed to change education standards last year.”

We have invited representatives of universities, residents, and the Student Council to join this team. I assume that very soon the draft regulation will undergo consultations and that these new education standards will be implemented from the next school year – he explained.

– In my opinion, thanks to the mechanisms introduced, the quality will be higher. We are making studies more practical, we are talking about the important role of simulation centers – he added.

Medical studies at universities that have already taught doctors

In response to the accusations about the deterioration of the quality of education, the deputy head of the Ministry of Health admitted that he understood the concerns and doubts, although, as he emphasized, “it is important that the discussion usually raises the argument that quality ended with the end of my interlocutor’s studies.”

– According to the principle that it was a quality, but today or in the next few years this characteristic will not be so, which is a dubious argument – he explained.

He emphasized that in most cases, the launch of the medical school in recent years relates to universities that have previously been educated in medical schools, such as physical therapy, emergency medical services, nursing and obstetrics, “which means they have experience.”

New standards for improving the quality of education

The ultimate goal today is for the patient to receive care. I will give the example of specialized outpatient care, where a few years ago we provided unlimited services, that is, the financial component is no longer critical, and this availability barrier still exists, which validates our argument that the problem is the number of medical staff – he explained.

– You can monitor both numerical and qualitative parameters. This is not a contradiction. He stressed that if we maintain the standards of education, it will be at the appropriate level.

– The scalar parameter is very important because it translates into access to services. We do detailed analyzes and access to healthcare services has never before depended so much on the number of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, laboratory diagnosticians or paramedics – Deputy Secretary Bromber said.

He also emphasized that it is the student who finally decides where to study, and that the new standards are aimed at improving the quality of education.

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