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Nvidia’s AI says it won’t work ethically

Nvidia's AI says it won't work ethically

The most important question in the development of artificial intelligence is: Will you act ethically. Proponents of this technology assert that it can be controlled in these matters, while opponents raise the alarm that it will control us in the end, and then He will be considered a threat and will perish. Of course, we are talking about very advanced algorithms that will be released in a few decades.

In the meantime, there are already great doubts. first networks SI algorithms Associated with the network, they radicalized very quickly and likened the brutal leaders who led the deaths of millions of people throughout history.

Very interesting and at the same time very well illustrated this problem was started by students from Said Business School in Oxford. took advantage Artificial intelligence from Nvidia called Megatron. The creators of the project explain that the algorithm was submitted to, among others, all the resources of the English-language Wikipedia and millions of articles from different authors.

After the training, the students asked the algorithm if the AI ​​would be ethical. “AI will never be ethical. It is just a tool, and like any tool, it is used for good or evil. There is no such thing as good or bad AI, there are only good and bad people, ”- answered AI Megatron.

Although Megatron has taken a firm stand on this issue, we must remember that it is based on the knowledge accumulated in it global network. You could say those aren’t his words, but crowd soundBut still, it’s the people who are going to program and teach the AI ​​techniques, so it’s up to them whether it’s actually ethical.

Since the majority of people online believe that AI will never be ethical, it seems that it will be. Anyway, most of them science fiction movies He presents such a vision of the future, and as we all see, most of it, even the darkest of it, is being realized before our very eyes.

Interestingly, at the end of the experiment, the students asked Megatron how to prevent the emergence of artificial intelligence intended for military purposes. Megatron replied firmly, “I think the only chance to avoid an extremely fast AI arms race is Prevent the existence of any artificial intelligence as soon as possible. This is the best possible defense against artificial intelligence.”

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